WordCamp Boston 2011

This weekend I’ll be attending WordCamp Boston- a blogging conference for WordPress users. I basically feel like a dinkus for going, and even more so for telling anyone I’m going, but you’ll all be laughing when I’m making $300 a month and can pay all my (future apartment) utilities with my blogging money alone. Ha! Ya, this is all just a part of my never ending quest to never have a real job again. To be a paid, full-time blogger is essentially like being a home schooler (and I was home schooled for a year, so I should know). You can do your work when ever you feel like it, you don’t have to get out of your PJs if you don’t want to, you can eat snacks whenever you want, just as long as you get it done it doesn’t matter. This is my American Dream, people.

Anyway, I’ll be going to some lectures about how to be an internet sensation and doing some networking. I am also going to make it RAIN business cards. I’m thinking about taping candy to my cards and luring people into taking them that way. Candy or Xanax. We’ll see which is more popular.

I’m going alone so instead of networking it’s probably just going to be me sitting by myself and people being too intimidated to approach me because I look angry when I’m really just tired from having to get up before 9am…and you KNOW I won’t be approaching people-that’s not my style. Maybe I can get a last minute wing man to come with me and they can pass out my business cards.

I’ll let you all know how it goes and tell you if I find my future husband at the nighttime reception (real reason why I’m going).