Gina and the Live Lip-Dub Proposal

Everyone is sooo into community theatre ac-torrr and die-rectorrr and all around Renaissance man, Isaac Lamb and the ‘world’s first’ live lipdub proposal. Okay, I get why it’s cute. They all seem like sweet people, and I’m not a complete monster… This is what white people do when they have a lot of time on their hands, and it’s fine.

I’m just not all that interested in the two people getting married… I mean… I found this:

That is Isaac and Amy in costume for the Lakewood Center’s production of City of Angels. I am now less invested in their happiness.

The real star of this video is Gina:

There’s not much info out there on Gi-Gi, but I think she must have choreographed the whole thing because she’s always in front and she’s got jazz hands for days. Bless this girl’s heart because Gina is giving it like this is a 2 o’clock matinee of Anything Goes and she’s going on for one of the Angels who got food poisoning at lunch.

I originally thought that Gina was the sister of the bride or groom because Isaac barely puts the ring on Amy’s finger before she jumps out of her final pose and invites herself into a three-way hug. Apparently she’s just a ‘close friend’ but I think that really means she’s the close musical theatre friend with no boundaries who likes to over share about her eating disorder loudly in the middle of Chili’s. And those are the best friends.

I will say this, though. With any luck, I have a thoughtful friend out there that will show this post to any man who threatens to propose to me (so hopefully this blog still exists in, like, 8-12 years). If he reads this I’d like him to know: I do not want to be involved in the world’s second live lip dub proposal. Or third or fourth. If you subject me to this I might still say yes, but just know if a flash mob is involved the answer is a flat no. Basically, stay away from anything that might produce a viral youtube video. Some additional tips would be don’t hide a ring in any sort of food or beverage, and I don’t want any animals involved, UNLESS you can train a small monkey to give me a ring OR teach a gorilla to sign ‘will you marry me?’ To be honest, I think we’ve just found the ideal way to propose to me and if Koko the Gorilla isn’t involved in some capacity, color me disappointed.

My actual favorite proposal video is from the Howie Mandel show about flash mobs (aptly named MOBBED) which is arguably the most underrated piece of television programming in history.

I encourage you to sit through the entire video- I promise it’s worth your time. If you don’t have an extra 15 minutes so your life can change and your eyes can open and you can smell colors and taste laughter, I’ll give you the highlights:

******SPOILER ALERT********

The video STARTS with her crying because she’s made to believe her boyfriend is cheating on her. It ENDS with her essentially being coerced into marrying him RIGHT THERE amongst her friends, family, and 200 of Los Angeles’s finest back up dancers. And somewhere in the middle are two separate flashmobs.

What little girl doesn’t dream of Howie Mandel having some sort of involvement in her wedding?

Tonight You Belong To Me

This song is from the wonderful movie– nay, the flawless and indisputable seminal classic– The Jerk starring Steve Martin and Bernadette Peters (go watch it now- the comedy still translates… like how Golden Girls is still funny, but The Jerk is even funnier… and not at all about old lady bosom buddies]).

I’m either going to walk down the aisle to this song or have it be the first dance. This is non-negotiable and also a test. If the man I’m betrothed to isn’t totally psyched and emotional over this song choice, I have obviously settled and need to Crystal Harris this sitch, as in call it OFF.

This blog is about 87% nonsense, huh?

Hipster Wedding

Elsie & Jeremy | May 15th 2011 from Goodwin Films on Vimeo.

It’s really important that one day I attend a traditional Indian wedding (thanks, Bend it Like Beckham), a gypsy wedding, and a hipster wedding.

If there’s one thing the hipsters are really top notch at, it’s putting on a whimsical, DIY affair. The video above is of the wedding of blogger Elsie from A Beautiful Mess. Just look at all the beehive hairdos, the mustaches, and -my all time favorite- hipster children. Note the little flower girl with blue hair…questionable parenting, sure, but I’ll admit that’s freakin’ a-dor-ablah!

One day…when I’m 40 and marrying my gay-fty, I’d like a wedding like this. Hopefully, I’ll have enough disposable income to have a Muppet themed wedding with Kermit reading the vows and Miss Piggy as my maid-of-honor (with assorted Muppets sprinkled among the attendees). For some reason, I’m the only person who thinks this is a hilarious idea, which means that if I ever meet a guy who thinks this is as funny as I do, I must never let him go…we don’t necessarily need to have the Muppet themed wedding, but just knowing he’s on board is enough to tell me this is the one.