Twitter Tuesday: Devon Sawa

I have always loved Devon Sawa ever since Wild America and Casper (he shows up at the very end to dance with Christina Ricci. By the way, I watched Casper recently and it holds up. I don’t remember it being such a tear-jerker, though).

Jonathan Taylor Thomas, Devon…that other guy on the right, this was my 8 year-old HBO After Dark, okay?

So, I’ve been wondering what he’s been up to since Idle Hands and that video for that  Eminem song, ‘Stan’, and I found Devon’s twitter. What I learned from following him is that he’s been keeping himself busy, and there are lots of different sides to him.

Before we get started, I have a little disclaimer from Devon himself:

You hear that, people? If you shake your head clean off your neck, Devon and I are not responsible!

Alright, check ‘I agree to these terms’ and let’s go on this Twitter adventure together.

The Many Masks of Devon Sawa:

There’s Devon Sawa, The Animal Lover:

Devon Sawa, The Environmentalist:

Devon Sawa, The Catskill Comedian:

 Devon Sawa, Women’s Rights Activist:

 Devon Sawa, Fashionista:

Devon Sawa, World Traveler:

Devon Sawa, The Mathematician:

Devon Sawa, The Athlete:

And of course…

Devon Sawa, The Actor:

(I can tell you how that workshop went: ‘Alright, so while you’re acting, point and swat towards the camera. That’s it! Thanks for the 300 bucks!’)

Oh, Devon, thank you for the childhood memories.

Well, I guess that’s it. As Devon would say: