Sister Wives

I don’t know if you’ve seen the show Sister Wives on TLC, but it’s my new quasi-obsession. Basically, it centers around 4 sister wives married to this man-child named Cody.

Now, let me just say that I realize this opinion might sound crazy, but they kind of make a good case about why polygamy should be legal.

I’ll explain. So, in my opinion, there is a good-ish polygamy and a bad polygamy. I would consider the good-ish type to be this family on Sister Wives —they all seem pretty normal and nice. Now, if Big Love has taught us anything, it is that the bad polygamy involves living on a compound and marrying off 11 year-old girls to old men. A general rule of thumb is if someone says they are a polygamist and they dress like Kirsten Larson (this is obviously an American Girl doll reference, duh. I can’t believe I even had to qualify it) then they are probably the bad polygamist… this is also an enormous, uneducated generalization.

So, obviously that kind of polygamy shouldn’t be legal, but when it comes to this Sister Wives family, I think they should be left alone.

For one, a big problem people have with polygamy is that it’s totally sexist, and though I can only speak for the Sister Wives family because I know them so well and everything, it pretty much seems like the sister wives have total control over their husband. Like, it’s basically just him acting like a socially awkward 8th grader, and then the wives rolling their eyes at the camera Jim Halpern style. On top of that, their kids all seem to be pretty well adjusted, normal, and nice (more so than those weirdos the Duggars).

All in all, they seem like a nice family and it’s too bad they had to move out of their house in Utah to Las Vegas in the middle of the night to evade the cops who have been investigating them for bigamy (Anne Frank style…wait, too soon)?

They clearly aren’t hurting anyone, so everyone should just leave them alone and let them film season 3 in peace!