High Tea

If I had to pick a second favorite meal besides brunch, I would pick high tea. If it included mimosas instead of tea, it would be my favorite, though. High tea is such a clutch player because it’s meant to be eaten after lunch and before dinner, which I have always felt would be a great time to add another meal.

Afternoon tea includes a lot of food (crustless sandwiches! little pastries! scones!), and my mom told me once that other people don’t generally finish everything they are served (including what the person they’re dining with didn’t finish), but I don’t understand why they would give you that much food if you weren’t supposed to eat it all.

My all time favorite tea is at The Drake Hotel in Chicago, which I’ve gone to a few times. The food and tea are great (I always get the pear caramel herbal), and they even have a HARPIST! If you tell the harpist it’s your birthday they will play Happy Birthday! It sounds like you died on your birthday and went to heaven and they were playing Happy Birthday when you got there (which would be ironic, but I imagine God to have a playful sense of humor. I also imagine He looks like Tom Selleck circa Three Men and A Baby).

Tea at The Drake Hotel.