My Favorite TV Couples

My favorite couples on TV in no particular order:


This whole show is a lesson in why you shouldn’t judge a book by its enormous fake breasted cover. Ice and Coco may look like a wild couple, but they both seem like really genuine people who really love each other.

Bless his heart. He loves that woman.


Bethenny is probably my favorite Real Housewife and I am equal parts happy for her and shocked that she found Jason. I love Bethenny, but girl is out of her MIND. Luckily, she found Jason who is so beautifully normal. He knows his lady is nuts but I think he actually likes it, and he keeps her calm. He’s so sweet to her, he has a great family, and omg that hair line of his! Flawless. So help me if Bethenny screws this up.


Leslie and Ben from Parks and Recreation are my new Jim and Pam. Their forbidden nerd love is the most precious thing on TV. The nerd love they have is what I hope for some day, which you could probably guess if you know anything about my Muppet dream wedding.


I know Benson and Stabler from Law and Order: SVU are not romantically involved, but they’ve got sexual tension that’s like butter you can cut with a knife and spread on toast. My favorite is when Benson & Stabler have to go “undercover,” but it’s more like sexy role playing. ALL time favorite is when Olivia Benson pretends to be Elliot’s hooker to save his life! Classic! When Christopher Meloni leaves the show I don’t know that I’ll be able to come back from that.


I know this isn’t current, but it’s always in my heart! Puffin!!!

Room Makeover

Ever since I moved back in with my parents I’ve been wanting to redo my room completely. I don’t know how long I’ll be living in my parents house (I’d say a year, my parents would guess give or take the rest of my life. A slight discrepancy, but we’ll just say it’s somewhere in the middle), but even if I only live here another month, my room needs to at least be repainted. I’ll just say that when I first did my room, my interior decorating muse was Bridget from The Girls Next Door, so I ended up with a some pink polka dot walls (don’t judge, at least I was a teenager making this decision and not a grown-ass woman with two masters degrees living in the Playboy mansion with a pink room. Wait, don’t judge Bridget, either! She’s just whimsical!)

Anyway, I’ve decided on this mood board for my color scheme.

I’ll paint the walls something like the pinky-beige colored flowers (I don’t know if that’s even close to being what those colors actually are) and then grey accents, like maybe this bedspread from Anthropologie.

I’d love to have this garland to hang over my bed or desk, but this stuff is straight up made out of tissue paper, and they are asking $130 for it. I could make this! Like, I’m sure I’ll never actually do that, but I refuse to buy anything I can make myself.