Caitlin Linney: Home

Happy Friday, one and all. Here’s a little treat for you as I get ready to run out the door to my generic brand Ballet Barre workout class, Pop Physique:

My friend from college is an amazingly talented country singer/songwriter, and she just released the music video for her song, “Home.” If you like the songwriting of Taylor Swift, but you don’t like the sound of a burlap sack full of cats sinking into the Hudson River, then you will love Caitlin Linney. Seriously, watch the video or find her on Spotify. She’s the next big thing, and I won’t say that for just any friend because all of my friends aren’t talented, and I don’t like to encourage any undeserved confidence. I’m a really good friend.

Style Inspiration: TGIF

After yesterday’s walk down Memory Lane with Devon Sawa, I’ve been getting nostalgic for the 90’s. I would say 75% of the music I own is 90’s college radio stuff (I’ve seen Third Eye Blind twice, and I can tell the difference between songs by Deep Blue Something, The Gin Blossoms, and Better than Ezra, which is an accomplishment since all of their songs sound exactly the same), you know I love me some Clintons, and my heart swells with pride for Mayim Bialik since she became a series regular on The Big Bang Theory because Blossom deserves all the happiness and success in the world.

Before you say anything, I know that Blossom wasn't on TGIF.

I would say I’m very well versed in 90’s TV, which is one of many reasons why I’m such a good Stump! Trivia teammate. TGIF was a passion of mine, and it was particularly influential on my early fashion and hairstyle choices, which is unfortunate.

One of my favorite shows was Clueless.


So many teddy bear back packs. And marabou. And completely monochromatic outfits made of pleather. Those were the days, my friends.

Another show that appreciated a nice marabou collar was Two of a Kind. It was only on for one season, but oh, what an impact it made on my life.

Look at that funky 90’s hair! I love funky 90’s hair! (Speaking of funky, a little fashion anecdote about myself: I straight up used to wear bindi to school in the 5th grade. Like, No Doubt, Gwen Stefani bindi on my forehead. I know there’s a picture of me with it on the playground somewhere–I’ll try to find it for your viewing pleasure. I think I’m fake kissing a tree in it, so you can thank me for starting the duck/kissy face trend).

I would say another great fashion-y show would be Sabrina the Teenage Witch, but as Melissa Joan Hart sitcoms go, Clarissa Explains it All is far superior.

Justin Timberlake can thank Clarissa for his glasses.

Blossom, will you dance us out?