Fun Stuff

Here’s the last of my slapped together posts that I did the night before having to be at the airport at 6am.

These are some ladies of the interwebs that I enjoy. Let their content entertain you through the weekend while I bask in the Las Vegas sun, drinking a pina colada by the pool.

1. Mr. Kate

On this blonde little cherub angel has a webseries, sells some really amazing handmade jewelry, blogs, etc. I find myself fascinated by her. That hair. How does it stay so effortlessly bouncy and perfect? It’s like you can almost see the halo.

2. Tangents and The Times

This is the webseries based on the blog Tangents and the Times, and its writer, Marissa A. Ross (though her hair looks nothing like Mr. Kate’s, it is no less flawless). She also writes for Hello Giggles and films a series for them called “Wine Times” where she drinks a bottle of wine and tells you about it. And she lives in LA. Basically, she is just living my American Dream.

3. Rookie Mag

This is the brand new online magazine by The Style Rookie‘s Tavi Gevinson. This girl is FIFTEEN. Not only does she have a hugely successful blog that has gotten her invited to Paris for fashion week when she was THIRTEEN, but she started this whole magazine which has Zooey Deschanel writing an article for the first issue. AND SHE GOES TO HIGH SCHOOL FULL TIME!!!

What am I doing with my life? What am I doing in Vegas? I need to get home and not be a loser! I look up to a 15 year-old. This just got out of hand.

I’ll post about my trip Monday. To warn you, I have a feeling it will almost 100% revolve around food. Basically, the most important thing to me besides people. But not even all people. I would probably rank food above most people.