You Should Be Famous

Hi there. How’s your week going so far? Do you like to laugh? Sure you do. That’s why you’re here reading my blog. Did that sound conceited? I didn’t mean it to be. Let’s start over. If you like to laugh, I have a real treat for you: something to make you laugh!

You Should Be Famous is a video created by Jet Eveleth, a teacher I had when I spent a semester my senior year of college at Second City in Chicago. Jet’s like an Improv Pixie Dream Girl, and in this she plays 3 different characters auditioning for an America’s Got Talent-type reality show. It’s very Summer Heights High-ish. So watch the 17 minute teaser and then donate to her indiegogo thing so she can make it into a feature length movie. At what point in this post did I decide to make this the laziest, worst piece of writing I have ever created? First syllable? Byyyye.

Funny Friday

Hey, guys. So, I have nothing to give right now. It’s 1pm as I write this, so, obviously, it’s my usual nap time. I can’t nap, though because I need to be able to go to bed early, and if I don’t get my nap I get cranky and don’t want to do anything, which I’m pretty sure everyone thinks is really adorable. Sooooo, here’s a lil something for your Funny Friday… the only thing I could muster with such profound sleep deprivation.

This is We Can Be Heroes written/starring Australian comedian, Chris Lilley who is probably my favorite male comedian. This show was made before Summer Heights High, but was never featured in America. If you like SHH you’ll like this, too.

Here’s another 7 Minutes in Heaven that just came out! It features Amy Poehler! Queen Amy! Probably my favorite one so far.