Summer Check List: See a Concert

One day (I’d wager it’s probably at least two full presidential terms from now) on the eve of my wedding, I’m going to sit my fiance down and make him watch me dance and sing along to Gin Blossom’s ‘Hey Jealousy.’ I’ll know we’re meant to be if after 3 and a half minutes of that he’s still wants to spend the rest of his life with me–until his 20 year old mistress doth part us. It’s the perfect test because on Sunday I saw the Summerland tour with Sugar Ray, Gin Blossoms, Lit, Marcy Playground, and Everclear… and let’s just say I was a sight. I sang along to ‘My Own Worst Enemy’ like I was serving up some Say What? Karaoke realness on MTV’s Spring Break.

{Marcy Playground}

I thought it was a great concert, though we left early before Everclear performed because… I don’t know, it’s Everclear.

{Sugar Ray}

I actually can’t remember if I thought Mark Mcgrath was a hottie back in the day, but I tell you, when you see him live on stage… let’s just say he wore those white pants like Labor Day ain’t never gonna come!


Summer Bucket List: Red Sox Game

I completed the first thing off my Summer Bucket List, which was to go to a Red Sox game. I actually did this before I wrote the post, which is a lot like putting something on a to do list after you’ve done it just to cross something off, but I’ll take my productivity where ever I can get it.

This is me eating a hot dog:

{photo by Riley, @rileywaff on instagram}


I went to the game with some friends from college, and I don’t know if I’ve paid less attention to anything in my life- it’s up there with when I’d fall asleep in class and I’d look at my notes later and it just said orange 7 or 8 times diagonally across the page.

I was just there for a hot dog, an $8 Coors Light, and some Facebook pictures.

Kelley, Caroline, Riley, Me, Michelle…. that’s my “I haven’t fit into these jeans since 2008” face…. Just kidding, I wasn’t ready for this picture. But that is true about the jeans.