Halloween Costume Ideas

Tomorrow is September, which means from now until the end of October I will be frantically trying to decide on what I should be for Halloween, until the day before when I just go out and buy the last pre-made costume they have.

I’ve been trying to think of red heads I could dress up as, and here are some options:

I could buy these Jeffrey Campbell platforms and be Ginger Spice.


This dress from Lulus.com could be a Jessica Rabbit costume…

Nope. Too much pressure!

   Chuckie Finster?

Or this Chucky?

But I’ll probably just be lazy and buy something like this.

Not quite this costume though because I literally can’t think of anything worse than wearing a bikini top in October…because 1. It’s cold and I’ve never been above wearing a parka to a club, and 2. I can promise you that on Halloween the only thing I will have eaten that day is caramel apples and pumpkin spice lattes…which gives my tummy the rumbley’s so I’ll be nice and gassy. There’s only so much stomach I can suck in.

And for your viewing pleasure, the look book video for Bridget Marquardt’s Halloween costume line. It’s everything I wanted it to be and more.

Steve Madden Platforms

 Look at my new platforms I got on sale online at Steve Madden! My third grade self would never believe that one day I would own Spice Girl platforms such as these. I feel like my mom shouldn’t have let me buy them or something- I feel so powerful! I can wear any kind of shoes I want and no one can stop me!

Spice Girls: My Fashion Influence

I was doing some cleaning in my room and found a binder I had around the third grade when I wanted to be a fashion designer. There’s several pages of work, but these three drawings were easily the most impressive of the bunch, what with the construction paper and all. What I find most interesting about this (because I won’t pretend to assume that any of you find these pictures interesting) is that it’s so obvious these were made in the 90’s, and I can tell you exactly what I was influenced by when I drew them.

I really put some time into this one- just look at those fireworks! I just want to point out that those shoes (that have toes inside them, but no foot or body attached to said toes) are jellies. For some reason I think Kirsten Dunst was my influence for this one- I think I had just seen the movie Dick. 

Okay, first of all, that hat is supposed to be pleather. Secondly, that shirt is influenced by the shirt the girl wears in the video for the song “Lovefool.” If you were curious, the “W” on those shoes stands for “Whatever.”
This outfit has to be my favorite. The shoes are all sorts of Spice Girls. Do you remember the Spice Girl days? Everyone had some version of platform shoes, and the girls with the highest platforms were the coolest (and according to your mom, had the most neglectful parents. Smaller the platform, better the parent). Now may I direct your attention to the trim on every available seam- this is marabou! If you can remember, Mary Kate and Ashley (on Two of a Kind) always had the fly-est marabou trimmed everything! Also, marabou was all over Clueless the TV show (the movie had decidedly less marabou). Someday I hope to be rich enough to get this entire outfit made.