You Should Be Famous

Hi there. How’s your week going so far? Do you like to laugh? Sure you do. That’s why you’re here reading my blog. Did that sound conceited? I didn’t mean it to be. Let’s start over. If you like to laugh, I have a real treat for you: something to make you laugh!

You Should Be Famous is a video created by Jet Eveleth, a teacher I had when I spent a semester my senior year of college at Second City in Chicago. Jet’s like an Improv Pixie Dream Girl, and in this she plays 3 different characters auditioning for an America’s Got Talent-type reality show. It’s very Summer Heights High-ish. So watch the 17 minute teaser and then donate to her indiegogo thing so she can make it into a feature length movie. At what point in this post did I decide to make this the laziest, worst piece of writing I have ever created? First syllable? Byyyye.

Funny Lady Recommendations

Here’s some funny business made by funny ladies:

I haven’t even read any of the Hunger Games books, but if I had I’d probably think this was even funnier. This is Holly Laurent- she was on the Second City mainstage while I was studying there my senior year fall semester. I saw her in the Second City bathroom once and I gushed at her for a minute so obviously, I think I know her.

This is Julie Klausner. I hope to be like her one day, although I don’t think my hair could ever get the kind of volume she achieves like it’s no big deal. Her podcast,  How Was Your Week? is my new thing, and you should check it out on itunes. Julie writes the most artful and brilliant Real Housewives of Beverly Hills recaps. I plan on reading her book “I Don’t Care About Your Band” the second I finish my Hillary Clinton memoir (you know how I do).


The fictional twitter of Debra Messing’s character in SMASH!…. this isn’t meant to be funny… but gosh it is.

Funny Friday

Since it’s Funny Friday, here’s a video I made last year for a school project while I was doing the Second City college comedy program for the semester.

…Ummmmm…. hope you like it and stuff. If you don’t like it, I didn’t really try that hard on it or anything, it’s whatever.

[EDIT:] So, my mom reads my blog, and then critiques/proofreads it…like, days after I’ve posted it, and my mom would like me to delete the above comment because as she says “sometimes she doesn’t get my jokes,” and she didn’t know that was a joke. This leads me to believe that maybe other people don’t get that the above comment was sarcasm (not quite a joke), I did try hard. I’m not going to delete it, because I don’t feel like thinking of something to write in it’s place, so this is just a disclaimer. Okay, that’s enough.