Sally Hansen’s Gem Crush

It is so easy to lose me. In a literal sense, like you might very well misplace me because I’m so small and cannot be found in crowds. Since we live in a world of survival of the fittest (you guys know I write to you from 1940’s Germany, right?) so I’ve had to adapt so I don’t get lost at Third Eye Blind concerts, never to be heard from again. The first step was to dye my hair red- it’s easier to spot because it’s brighter and stands out in a sea of mostly brunettes and blondes (so it was also for narcissistic, center-of-attention purposes), and tonight the second step–to find a nail polish with the highest amount of glitter density– was completed tonight, thanks to Sally Hansen’s Gem Crush nail polish line.

Now when I’m lost, all I have to do is wave my infant hands around until someone sees the emergency flare and comes to find me. Extremely effective.

And it comes in all sorts of fun colors!

This was Razzle Dazzler, $7 at any drug store.

But can you put a price on safety?

Halloween Salon Effects Nails

If you are one of my loyal readers (Hi Mommy) then you might know that I love my Sally Hansen Salon Effects nail strips. If you’ve read this blog for the past few weeks you might also know that I’m a supporter of most seasonal novelty items. My two great passions in life have come together.

Sally Hansen has this limited edition halloween collection which is okay (though I’ve seen the winter/holiday collection and those are adorable). The design my underdeveloped (yet satiny smooth) baby hands are modeling is the only design with black and orange. The rest weren’t overtly halloween oriented. They had some with skulls and spider webs on them, but I feel like I can get that at Hot Topic all year so it didn’t seem very special. I like these enough, though the ghosts are a little Ms. Packman looking.

Obsessed With: Salon Effects by Sally Hansen

Salon Effects in "Bling It On"

Baby Hands

I recently tried out the new Sally Hansen Salon Effects nail strips. They are pretty similar to the OPI by Sephora nail strips but better in every conceivable way. First of all, the Sally Hansen brand is $10 and last 10 days when applied correctly, whereas the Sephora brand is $16 and last for 2 or 3 days, to which I say: c’mon, Sephora! Be cool! If you just wanna over charge me for something, okay. Fine. I expect this out of you. But over charge me for an inferior product, I cannot stand for! So, go for the Sally Hansen brand. They work well, and the outcome is worth the somewhat tedious application process. I’m trying the leopard print design next. Get ’em at CVS.