10 Signs You Might Be in Your 20’s


  1. You idealize the 90’s. It’s probably pretty similar to the way your parents talk about The Beatles and Free Love, except we seem pretty fixated on Pogs and Clueless. Maybe not as influential on the world in the grand scheme, but who doesn’t love a slap bracelet?socalledlife_3981
  2. You think having a quarter life crisis is a real thing. Only 80’s/90’s babies would find a way to extend the teen angst period.
  3. This week you have tweeted just as passionately about gun violence as you have about Instagram’s terms of use agreementScreen shot 2012-12-21 at 3.59.44 PM
  4. Then you forgot about both of those things a day later and just started tweeting Mean Girls/apocalypse crossover jokes. (I’m just saying we could stand to work on our priorities and attention spans. Use your bogus Adderall prescription to make a positive contribution to the world).
  5. You have a bogus Adderall prescription. slide_235654_1161467_free
  6. You need to calm down about Ryan Gosling.
  7. And cats.
  8. And Ron Swanson.
  9. You can barely pay rent but you somehow find the money for organic shampoo.
  10. You’ve written a list essay or shared a list essay about having a quarter life crisis or how great the 90’s were.

This list is not meant to belittle anyone in their 20’s, as I am a 24 year-old who has seriously considered self-publishing a book of essays called #MyPostGradLife about my quarter life crisis.

Unsolicited Dating Advice From Someone With No Qualifications

I fancy myself to be the Carrie Bradshaw of the suburbs who likes to write about dating and lives with her parents and doesn’t go on dates… I think that might be the nice way of describing me. I’m probably a little closer to Patti from Millionaire Matchmaker– a lot of opinions, but nothing to actually show for it (Sorry, Patti, you had me seasons 1-4 when you were at least engaged. Now that in season 5 you are just straight up single, we are in the same boat in terms of being unqualified to give dating advice. Except I’m about 25 years younger than you and still have a shot at happiness). Anyway, I feel like my opinions are right- they’re all pretty much tested and analyzed in my Beautiful Mind/computer-like brain.

Anyway, here’s just a little tid-bit that I have told everyone who will listen. This is golden. The secret to your happy life is just one scroll away.

Marry someone less attractive than you. You can date a hottie, but don’t get serious. This is for 2 reasons: First, knowing that your husband is prettier than you means you will always be afraid that he will upgrade because he can get anyone he wants. Eventually, your low self esteem and distrust will end up sabotaging the relationship. Second reason is that your first instincts are right and he probably is cheating on you.

So let’s say you can snag this guy. He is on your level looks wise:

Good for you. You must be very attractive. And gosh, I know how much you want to wake up to Ryan Gosling biting his collar every morning for the rest of your life, but trust me, it doesn’t pay off in the end. Instead, he’ll probably drop you at 45 for a 25 year old. Problem is, men just get more distinguished as they get older. You look 45. You’ve also had his children and you won’t bounce back from that. He did this to you and now he’s leaving you for someone who’s boobs don’t sag because of him. Now you have to go back into the dating world. You wonder if your Match.com date is really a con man who’s going to push you off the cruise ship on your honeymoon. You thought you were a good judge of character, but obviously, you were wrong about Ryan. You now sleep with one eye open.

This is now your life or you could have just married this guy:

Skinny Seth Rogen. First, take note that this is Skinny Seth Rogen. You still have to be attracted to your husband or he has to have the potential that after a few dates and some witty conversation he will be attractive to you. Now, I know he doesn’t look as good as Ryan does with his hand shoved in his armpit. I get that. But tell me, would you prefer to have a man that knows he absolutely cannot do better than you or a guy who goes out and all female/gaymale eyes are on him? Like, your own sister would probably cheat with your Ryan-type husband. And you can’t blame her, can you? But S.S.R. will be with you always. He will still love you when your hot tamale tattoo turns to a sad carrot tattoo-stretched and wrinkled from your post-childbirth yo-yo dieting.

Certainly, it is every woman’s God given right to date someone super hot with abs you eat leftover Cheesecake Factory samplers off of on major holidays. But I implore you, do not marry this man. It only leads to heart break. Look at Eva Longoria. I can promise she is more attractive than you. Jennifer Anniston. That woman is so likeable. Reese Witherspoon. REESE WITHERSPOON. You have no shot. Just break up with your hot boyfriend while your tattoo is still sitting on it’s intended location and not 3 inches lower. Or let it go another inch and a half and then break it off. Skinny Seth Rogen will still be waiting for you when you’re ready and he will love you forever no matter where that tattoo ends up.