e.l.f Cosmetics

I bought some make-up at Target the other day, which is gross because there’s no testers. You know that someone probably had their fingers all in the product you’re about to buy… which I know because I like to open everything and try it, so some poor soul is wiping my hand germs all over their face every morning while they put on their foundation.

The no tester situation is my only gripe with Target- have you seen those prices!? I picked up new make-up with some gift cards, and tried out one of their cheap make up lines for the products I didn’t really need but wanted: under eye highlighter to look like a Kardashian (I don’t like that Kim, but gosh darn it if her eyes don’t look mesmerizing!) and cream eyeliner.

For the cheap lines my choices were N.Y.C., Rimmel, and e.l.f.

N.Y.C. didn’t have a chance because I used that stuff at sleepovers when I was 12, so I can’t move backwards. Always evolving, people. I would have gone with Rimmel since there was a big picture of Zooey Deschanel hocking  the stuff (I’m exactly what cosmetics marketing departments are catering to, and I can accept that) but they didn’t really have anything I wanted.

Now, these e.l.f. people have no celebrity endorsements, but they did have the under eye highlighter, and the cream eyeliner. I think the highlighter is $1 and the eyeliner was $3. Nice even prices, I appreciate that.

The eyeliner was useless. It doesn’t go on as a solid color- you can see your skin through it no matter how much you apply. The concealer portion of the highlighter was also really thin, but the highlighter was fine, so you could use it with your own concealer.

The whole ordeal just made me miss Sephora with their testers and return policies and friendly sales ladies who follow you around the store to make sure you’re not stealing.