Henry the Chiweenie, Underwear Model

I hesitated broadcasting this because I am literally airing my dirty laundry, which is exactly as gross as it sounds. I decided to just go forward with it though, since it’s probably one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a while, and I’m a stage mom and want my little Henry to be famous.

So, the other day I’m doing my thing around the house: Nate Berkus on TV while I eat  breakfast, a little Jillian Michael’s 90 Day Revolution work out, mall, blog, and general maxin’ and relaxin’. I went back into my room and found Henry, my chihuahua and dachshund mix, out cold on my bed, wearing my underwear as a necklace.

Stop. How can I even be mad at this?

Today I’m Grateful For….

Because I am a disciple of the Church of Oprah, I think it’s important to remember what you’re grateful for besides just the obvious (being alive, your health, not being homeless…stuff you’re going to take for granted no matter what). So, in an effort to be grateful for the simple things in life, here’s a list of things I’m grateful for today.

LEAN POCKETS! I’ve never had a pocket- whether it be lean or hot- ever before, and though I’m grateful that I’ve found it, it’s hard to accept that the ham and cheese whole wheat one just entered my life. I feel like we’ve missed out on a lot of memories together.

Alex McCord is now following me on twitter. Now we can mean tweet Kelly together. Though, I’d be 100% more grateful if Caroline or Dina Manzo were following me. Or any of the Manzos/Lauritas.

Pretty window box flowers. It allows me to see some nature close up without ever having to leave my hermit’s nest of a home.

My extra large coffee mug I got for graduation (since graduating everything my mother gives me has an inspirational quote about pursuing my dreams on it). I like this mug because it’s cozy and because Oprah once told Tina Fey she knew she’d like her because she had big mugs. So this makes me twofold grateful for this mug: 1. I always knew Oprah would like me, and I have the big mugs to prove it (plus they have an inspirational quote on it so she’d like me extra), and 2. I’m obviously exactly like Tina Fey since having big mugs says a lot about you as a person.

I’m so grateful I remembered that I have a teeny tiny top hat in my possession and two teeny tiny dogs that fit into it, making it look like a full-sized top hat.