Boston Common Coffee Co.

Today I tried Boston Common Coffee Company for the first time even though I lived about a block from one all last year. It’s bitter sweet, really because we’ve lost so much time together.

I’m just glad we found each other when we did. It came at a time when I really needed something like this in my life. You see, I’ve loved marshmallow flavored coffee since I Dunkin Donuts had it briefly, and it has since been discontinued. Very recently I was especially yearning for my favorite coffee flavor and even considered buying a bottle online. Instead, I finally found it at Boston Common Coffee Co.

On top of having this, they also had a sandwich (“Tha Sal”) that includes fig jam and prosciutto. This is another one of my favorite things. The only way the menu could have been more catered to what I like is if they offered a side of a log of goat cheese.

Overall, I loved the place, but to anyone from Boston I’m probably not giving you any unknown information considering I think I’m the only person around who’s never been there. To everyone who is not from Boston, this is information you can’t use. So, this post is essentially useless. Sorry to waste everyone’s time.

The Sal- prosciutto, fig spread, red pepper, and fontina cheese panini.