72 Year-Old Woman Arrested During Wendy Davis Filibuster

This is a lil’ inneresting video! A police officer arresting a 72 year-old woman in the gallery at the Wendy Davis’s Filibuster Fun-Time Party of 2013 for… sitting? I guess? She was charged with a felony for resisting arrest (which was later dropped), and I can only hope that at 72 I start getting charged with felonies for being a regulation bad ass.

You know who else is an intelligent, regulation bad ass and an Earth Angel Queen with a majestic waterfall of hair that looks like it’s been kissed by the morning sun?

mag-17Britton-t_CA0-articleLarge Oh. Well, yes. But I actually meant:

Wendy DavisSenator Wendy Davis who is giving us some Hot Rollers and Human Rights realness.

Waaaaait, a second…..


If, hypothetically, they were to make a Wendy Davis biopic starring Connie Britton, would it be so unreasonable to request that she leads a chant of “clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose” with the gallery of protesters? What if she just whispers it under her breath really fast at the end of a scene? Add a scene for it in the Blue-ray director’s cut?!!

Oh, and one more thing!!!


Stefon Loves Mitt Romney

Do you, lady with an American flag sticking out of her wig, do you.
You didn’t know Stefon supported Mitt? May I be invited to this key party in 1975? Look at the intensity in the Obamas’ eyes. They’re going to teach them a thing or two. Don’t be scared.

Election Day 2012

I’m not going to tell you to go out and vote. Everyone’s already told you to do that, and to be totally honest, you might not be leaning towards the candidate that I support. Sure, I won’t stand outside your polling location and start asking you for 2 forms of ID and to guess my name so you can’t vote, (1. That was a Rumpelstiltskin joke, 2. You’d never guess my name is Dara because I’ve been told I look like a Nicole) but I don’t need to be encouraging you or anything.

Ugh, but you should vote. Civic duty, etc. I feel too guilty not expressly encouraging you, no matter who you vote for. Also, in the voting booth, I accidentally covered my sneeze with my right hand that was  holding the marker, and I still feel guilty about that. I’m not sure enough people are concerned about the amount of germs that are going to accumulate in the voting booths today to Purell their hands when they’re done. Republican or Democrat, nobody needs to deal with a cold this time of year.

One more thing, everyone stop complaining about people voicing their political opinions on social media. Most importantly because I said so, and I write a blog, so I have some clear authority over you. The other reason being that people’s opinions on who might be the leader of the free world is more important than people’s opinions on Honey Boo Boo, specifically my opinion that Alanna is heading towards a troubled adolescence, which will be on all of our heads, AMERICA. It’s not as important. And, sure, I like some of you less because your arguments are stupid, but good for you for caring.

Lastly, don’t let the long voting lines deter you because I had to wait at 6 this morning so you should have to suffer too.

Good Luck, America!

Just to preface, this post isn’t going to be about politics. I’d like to keep this blog inclusive. As long as being human and finding me funny is common ground we share, we can coexist peacefully. This post is just about Democrat or Republican, black or white, religious or not, we’re all just super stupid, like, across the board.

This is just a sample of what you see when you click on the PSAT trend on twitter. America’s teenagers giving China a run for their money.

Andy Cohen and Jill Zarin on a Watch What Happens Live special one-on-one in-depth interview. It’s not that they called this “Our Frost/Nixon,” it’s that it was my Frost/Nixon.

This is Megan McCain’s debate face: And then I looked through my phone and found this picture that I took of myself in iParty….

My politixxx face:

Hilzz for el presidentay, y’all!!! xoxox

So, this is what we’re working with, America!!!

Badass Lady of the Week: Oklahoma State Senator Judy Eason McIntyre

This is Oklahoma State Senator Judy Eason McIntyre:

And she is this week’s Badass Lady!

Senator Badass McIntyre held this sign while protesting Oklahoma’s radical Personhood bill at the State Capitol with hundred’s of other sane people. You can read more about her and her sign here, but I don’t think you need much more information beyond this picture about why this woman is so darn badass.

Just look at her with that sign–she looks so happy.