Picker Sisters

Here’s a lazy little labor day post (and some snappy alliteration) about my new favorite design show, The Picker Sisters on Lifetime.

My first impression of this show when I saw the trailer for it was that it would be about these two women, Tanya and Tracy who buy ugly chairs and work a lil’ DIY magic. Maybe reupholster an ottoman or two. In actuality, T&T drive around the rural south and buy industrial meat cutters to turn into a bathroom sink. I would say about 85% of what they actually end up making (and by making, I mean designing and then forcing their contractor and friend, Alan, to figure out how to make a table out of 1,500 pounds of metal chain) is something that only eccentric millionaires from LA would buy.

Since you’re not going to pick up any useful design tips, the fun of this show is watching the beautiful Tanya and Tracy flirt with 70 year-old southern men to get a good price on a rusted gate they plan to turn into a headboard (it’s also important to note that they will always leave the rust on everything they make. Apparently, rich weirdos are not concerned about tetanus).

Tracy and Tanya also have some great clothes that are fun to look at, usually consisting of some combination of boots, daisy dukes, a flow-y top, and some weird head-piece that make 70 year-old southern men nervous. Also, the picture above is very misleading. Tracy and Tanya hardly ever wear pants to pick through piles of rust in snake ridden junkyards.

Here’s a chair made out of an old radiator that the ladies are just so darn proud of. I don’t get it, but it’s just precious to see them get so excited. The show is worth checking out.

Picker Sisters is on Lifetime, Tuesday’s at 10pm.