Sephora Fragrance Sampler

I’ve always wanted to be the kind of classy dame with a signature scent because dames always have a siggy scent that people will associate with you. It’s my goal to imbed myself into your psychy so for as long as you live, when you smell my perfume on anyone you think of me. My greatest wish would be that on his wedding day, an ex boyfriend’s fiance decides to wear a new perfume-serendipitously, my perfume. Then when she comes down the aisle and he lifts her vail, he gets one big wiff of ME!!! I’m not looking for him to accidently say my name instead of hers during his vows-I’m not that evil, but I am evil enough that I want him to be constantly reminded of me for the rest of his marriage until it disintegrates. I’m in your brain, can’t get me out! Blonk!

For the past year I’ve been wearing Abercrombie 8, which is kind of really embarassing, but I can’t help that I really like how it smells. It’s not too girly and floral, and it’s not all powdery and reminding me of the elderly. I didn’t really plan on switching scents despite the humiliation of buying my fragrance at an over-priced store for teens, but my dad offered to buy me the Sephora Fragrance Sampler as a late birthday present when we were on one of our frequent mall outings

I bought him the male version of this for Christmas a year or two ago, and he really liked it. I think it was one of his favorite gifts besides the GPS I bought my parents before everyone had a GPS….which they then traded in for a nicer, more expensive one, so essentially I just bought them a really thoughtful coupon. Anyway, in this box they give you 12 perfume samples like Juicy Couture, Prada’s Infusion, Gucci’s Guilty, etc. Then you can try them all- I like to try one a day to see how long they last and how they smell on me specifically. After you decide which one you want there’s a gift certificate included that you can redeem in Sephora for which ever one you settled on.

I think it’s a fun idea and a great gift because it gives you a chance to try each scent a few times so you don’t end up spending $70 on a bottle of smelly liquid that a week later you decide you don’t really like.

The set is $50 at Sephora.