Boston Bucket List: Original Boston Cream Pie

As a senior at Emerson College in Boston, I have a limited time left in the city. I am also a huge procrastinator, so I have put off a ton of essential Boston experiences that I now have to fit into the last 2 months or so of school. If we’re being honest here, I’d say 90% of my list consists of food or restaurants to try.

Sunday I was able to check off something from my bucket list: Go to the Omni Parker House Hotel and try the first and original Boston cream pie.

I had only ever had Boston cream pie once. I was pretty young at my grandmother’s house and someone offered me Boston cream PIE. Rightly, I assumed that I was about to get a cream pie, so when I was handed something that can only be described as cake, I felt cheated and decided I didn’t like it. Years later I couldn’t remember if I actually didn’t like it or if I was just very disappointed and was actually just spiting it.

Turns out, I just don’t like it. Sunday was a very rough day for me in terms of pastry consumption. At Curly Cakes they tried to pass off flavored Cool Whip as frosting, and then my Omni Parker House Boston Cream Pie was not even worth eating. I gave it a couple bites and that was that. The cake was pretty dry, and I have a feeling it was not made fresh. Plus, I truly don’t think custard filling belongs in cake. Custard filling, I will eat you in my eclairs, but I will not, cannot, eat you in my cake.