NYC Trip

After yesterday’s excruciatingly long post about something that only a small group of people can understand and appreciate, (that’s a great blogging tip– write long, drawn out posts that only appeal to a small sector of your audience. Take that to the bank) I thought I’d cleanse your palates with something a little easier to read with lots of pictures.

Last Wednesday I drove to Jersey City (where I was staying) to go to an Emerson College Networking event in NYC with my friend Jillian (go read her new blog, The Cool Kid’s Table). Now, the only thing I enjoy more than making plans with friends is when the other party breaks them last minute and I can get back into my Sad Dara clothes (garments with no shape and/or elastic waist band to aid in comfortable weight fluctuation), but this time I was all pumped up to drive 4 hours to the land of the Manzos.

Why was this time so different? Well, other than the fact that I was happy to see Jill, we had reservations at The City Hall Restaurant in Tribeca for their Restaurant Week 3 courses for $35 menu. Listen, I’ll drive up to two hours for something like Sonic tater tots–even if Jill cancelled, I would have shown up for my discounted gourmet food alone.

{NYC skyline from Jersey City}

{Blood orange margarita}

{Candy cane beet salad with fried goat cheese}

{Henry braised short rib with beans and an onion ring}

{Chocolate bread pudding with Nutella ice cream and cherry compote}

The trip was a success except for the fact that despite the networking event I still don’t have a job (turns out that at these things it tends to just be a lot of people who also don’t have jobs), and I did not see one Manzo or Laurita family member.

Tasti D-Lite – Boston

I made a little trip to the new Tasti D-Lite on 205 Newbury Street in Boston yesterday, which I have been looking forward to since I found out they were coming to Boston. Now, if you don’t know what Tasti D-Lite is it’s this low calorie, frozen yogurt-y, soft serve-y ice cream thing. They ate it on Sex and the City and 30 Rock, which is all the information you need to know.

The chain started in NYC, but this Boston one is way cooler because you can get any of the 5 flavors they have “on tap,” but if you’re really high maintenance you can have them specially mix a flavor for you if they aren’t serving it in bulk that day.

I’m pretty high maintenance when it comes to food, so I had them prepare for me the Nutella flavor (they use real Nutella to make it), which was 90 calories. Now, generally, if something is low-calorie I don’t care if it tastes like styrofoam… I’m just happy to be eating. However, this Nutella flavor was legit UNREAL (I forgot to take a picture before I ate half of it… enjoy the following picture of my dessert remnants). I also got the Strawberry Shortcake flavor, which was also really good. When you go, take your time, try one of the flavors of the day, but peruse the complete menu to take in all your options. Don’t do anything rash before you’ve made an informed decision on what flavor and topping you want. If you get overwhelmed, just ask for a Nutella with chocolate sprinkles, and I promise you’ll be fine.