Happy Mother’s Day!!!

Now that my mom and I live in different time zones, I constantly have to worry about her spoiling my favorite shows.

These are some texts from last night. I think she’s beginning to understand the sentiment #SorryImNotSorry…. she’s so hip.

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Happy Mother’s Day, Mama!


Mother’s Day

I’m not really sure if my mom is going to like this post or not. Either she’s going to be embarrassed by it or show all her friends at work (or more likely she will pretend to be embarrassed and act all coy, but I know better).

So without further adieu, (that’s one of those phrases/words that I know what context to use it in, but could not accurately define if pressed… ) I present you, my mother.

Just some pertinent information on my mother:

  • This picture, I assume, was taken when she lived in Arizona (that’s my uncle with her) while she was a gypsy cowgirl. She was not a gypsy in the sense that she was a fake fortune teller (though she does have some low-key psychic abilities that were passed down to me), but in the sense that she would just go move to a new state because she felt like it. Like, she moved to Houston, TX, then as soon as she got there, realized she was in Houston, TX, left immediately, and on the way back to Massachusetts decided to just live in North Carolina. I would like to do this, but I don’t think she’d let me.
  • My mom used to ride a motorcycle!
  • She used to be a hair dresser and a chef. Just kidding, she just told me that when she wanted me to trust her to cut my bangs and eat her food. She is actually a great cook/baker, and as far as I can tell my bangs look really even in all of my childhood pictures.
  • People regularly mistake her for being about 10 years younger than her actual age.
  • I feel very safe walking in unsafe places at night with my mother because I am confident that if someone tried to attack me she could literally kill them. I’m also sure she could lift a car off of me if the situation presents itself. Seriously, you can’t mess with me in any way if I’m near my mom.
  • I feel very unsafe walking any where without my mother at night, which is a valid fear my mother instilled in me, however I have been known to take a $3 (including tip) cab to avoid walking anywhere near the Boston Commons park after about 7pm.
  • My mother formed a protest in her middle school that was instrumental in changing the rule that girls couldn’t wear pants to school. The story is precious, but this is getting lengthy. I’ll save it for another time. Just know that when I imagine it, it looks a lot like the movie Now and Then.
Anyway, there are a lot of other cool things about my mom, she’s pretty much the best ever.
Side note: I got one of my puppies to give my mom her mother’s day card in his mouth today and I signed it “Love, Dara, Wilbur, and Henry,” so I think I’m pretty cool right now.