Abel Poehler, Ginger Baby

In honor of Parks and Recreation returning from hiatus, I thought I’d introduce you to Abel Poehler–Will Arnett and Amy Poehler’s youngest son.

Heheheh look at Abel and that apple.

Are the people over at Conan O’Brien’s show going to write a sketch where it’s revealed that Conan is actually Abel’s father, or do I have to do everything myself?

Abel Poehler is so unexpected. It’s almost like Amy Poehler gave birth to some boring Aryan looking kid, but they traded him in for Abel because he looks like he would fit in better with a family of comedians.

I’m a huge fan of Abel Poehler, he’s so cute… but seriously, God bless Amy Poehler’s birth canal. This is the problem with teeny tiny women like Amy having children with big guys like Will. They end up with big male babies that mathematically should not be able to move through such a tiny lady-hallway. By lady-hallway, I mean the path between the uterus, va-joo-joo, and the outside world. AHHH! Nature is scary.