Vegas Part II: Wolfgang Puck’s Bar and Grill

**All the pictures are by Riley (third blonde from the right in the group picture).

I have to say that probably my favorite experience in Vegas was lunch at Wolfgang Puck’s Bar and Grill at The MGM Resort and Casino. It was not because the food was good- it was- it’s because it was FREEEEE. Not just free-free. Like, “get these ladies whatever they want” free. How did my group secure such a free-for-all? Someone who worked in Vegas with a lil’ pull took a liking to a member of my group of fellow travelers. Trust it had nothing to do with me. You’d be surprised how unimpressed men are by me. Let’s just say that if my group consisted of 4 red headed comedians we would have been eating protein plates at Starbucks for lunch.

After some chicken salad sandwiches we ordered some appetizers. Above is the spicy tuna tar tar, and we also got some blue cheese truffle chips which were top 5 best things I’ve ever eaten.

Next we ordered everything on the dessert menu. This is the Banofee (banana toffee) pie. My favorite dessert of them all.

Creme brulee, banoffee, chocolate beignets, lemon meringue pie, chocolate souffle, (cookies to go: not pictured).

My first chocolate souffle.

I’m not much of  beignet girl, to be honest, but my friends who are beignet girls enjoyed them.

Chocolate cake shots.

Passion fruit mojitos…is what I’m drinking. We’ll just pretend the reason why this picture is here is because of the mojito and not pure narcissism.

Our cool waitress who encouraged our excessive day drinking, two ladies from Texas that we bought shots and dessert for (because it suddenly became very important that we help some fellow ladies out), myself, Riley, Michelle, and Caroline (aka WOLFPACK).

The final product. Our waitress gave us each a copy of our receipt to “scrapbook.” So, basically she was on my level.