Fluff Festival in Somerville, MA

Can I interest you in a little light reading? Mostly pictures, nothing you have to think too hard about. A “FLUFF” piece, if you will?

On Saturday, I went to the Fluff* Festival in Somerville, MA (which is basically just Boston with a little bit more parking) with my saintly mother, Lynne. The hipsters and hipsters with children (apparently, their skinny jeans  have not cut off enough circulation to their genitalia to stop them from having children. Shame. Also, doesn’t Genitalia sound like something a hipster would name their kid?) were out in full force. We didn’t let that stop us, though. There was marshmallow creme product to be eaten, and we were all business.

The best of the food was the pumpkin fluff cannoli, which was essentially just a tube of fried dough. Another highlight was the coffee porter with fluff vodka and a Fluff floater, and the Shipyard Pumpkinhead with Vanilla Vodka and a Fluff floater. Both were delightful, and I can probably never drink or smell them again. 😦

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But the best part of the day was when my mom won the baking contest with her pumpkin cupcakes with maple-Fluff cream cheese frosting!

I’m so proud!

*Does anyone reading this NOT know what Fluff is? I thought everyone did, but I think it’s just a New England thing, which means we are obnoxious about it. It’s marshmallow creme, made in Lynn, Mass… we use hot cocoa as a vessel for Fluff. Or we eat it by the spoonful. One time I made an eggo panini using two eggos, peanut butter, fluff, and a Mike Tyson grill. Is that an eating disorder? [Update: Mike Tyson doesn’t have a grill, it was a broken george foreman grill that didn’t heat up so I just smooshed the eggo’s together. Eating disorder?]

Homemade Almond Butter

I know that almonds are like theeeee staple skinny girl snack. They’re full of proteins and healthy fats (or something?) so they keep you satiated. I think raw almonds are disgusting. If I’m really trying to be good and have some almonds for a snack, I more or less chew twice and swallow what is essentially a mouthful of pebbles. Usually, I’m not trying to be really good, so instead of having almonds, I put a ton of almond or peanut butter on toast… and then add some marshmallow fluff… (it’s on wheat bread so it’s still healthy…)

Anyway, I’ve been trying to find a good brand of natural nut butters, so I just decided to make it myself. I basically used this recipe, except I added sea salt and agave nectar. Just a note: when you first process the nuts they turn to a powder, but don’t freak out when it looks like you’re about to have a liter of almond butter on your hands. Be patient. Keep processing, and when it starts sticking together, you are back to having a normal human sized portion of almond butter.

It’s pretty easy to make- I think I’m going to make homemade Nutella next.