TGIF with Q. Wallis

Screen shot 2013-05-10 at 1.29.30 PMDoes anyone have any fun weekend plans?


Well, Q. Wallis and I are gonna hit up the WeHo United Church of Christ to thank the Savior for this most delicious Friday. Then we’re off to Cabo’s Cantina for happy hour where we will thank Him for our most delicious watermelon margariterrrsss!!!! After breaking a few hundos at the nearest In & Out, we’ll stuff some ones in Q’s Gucci puppy purse and make our way to The Hollywood Men exotic dance revue. It’ll be an early night for my favorite Oscar nominee because SOMEONE has to rest her voice for Annie rehearsals on Monday!!! But that won’t stop us from a little M&M (mani’s and mimosas!!!!) while we read some scripts all Saturday afternoon. Sunday is a day of REST, and NO business talk allowed!!! We’ll watch some old episodes of The Good Wife on my DVR, say a prayer that our favorite dancer, Marc Antunny, gets that kidney he’s been hoping for, and then have a full night’s sleep because it’s RISE AND GRIND on Monday morning!! LOL #hardknocklife #jk #blessed #GetWellMarcAntunny

Drinking Alone in Public

A few days ago I had the pleasure of discovering a new hobby: drinking alone in public. I have always been a big fan of crying drinking alone in a bathtub, and drinking alone at an airport until you’re 30 seconds shy of missing your flight is easily my favorite activity– but just going to a bar to drink by myself is something I’ve never done until recently.

I was in Boston with nothing to do for a few hours while I was waiting to meet up with a friend. So I wandered around and somehow found myself in Faneuil Hall… and I never like to find myself in Faneuil Hall because there are so many tourist dads smacking people with their backpacks while they look for a rogue toddler. It was hot, my feet were starting to hurt, and I didn’t want to walk to another part of town. WHAT was I going to do for another 2 hours? I ate half a $5 grilled cheese and wondered how I could let my life get so bad.

Then it dawned on me! There’s no such thing as waiting when you’re 21! What could I do for 2 hours? What could I do for SIX hours? Margaritasssssss!

I went to a Mexican restaurant and sat at the bar and got a margarita. My phone was dead, so this felt like… camping? I’ve never been camping, but I was cut off from the world! Roughing it! I pretended to watch the Olympics because nobody knew me there so I thought maybe the bar patrons would buy that the Olympics are something I’m into. But I could sense that they knew I was just staring at a TV screen and all I saw were colors, so I finished my drink and moved on to a new scene.

If you’re keeping track this means I’m officially on a BAR CRAWL, through FANEUIL HALL, by MYSELF.

I hit up my next bar because it reminded me of a small restaurant you’d find in an airport and that was comforting. I ordered a Blue Moon, and then some older gentlemen on business started talking to me. They were border patrol agents, and they gave me some good advice like “if your boyfriend ever asks you to hold a package for him, don’t do it.” (I nodded politely as if I had never seen Broke Down Palace and this was new information) and “You wouldn’t last 6 hours in jail” (also duh, but don’t you kinda want to see how that would play out)?

Anyway, it was pretty fun and 2 hours passed quickly. I would probably only do such a thing during the day, though because going to a bar alone is also a great way to get stalked by a bus boy, followed to the parking lot and murdered. I’m just trying to look at this through all angles.

A Day in the Life: Sephora and Churros

Date: 3.31.12 (a Saturday)

Morning: This day started in the same way all my days start when I have to go to work later– a total blur of complaining until everything goes dark and then I eventually come to, wearing head-to-toe black standing in a grocery store or a restaurant.

2pm: On this particular day I woke up in the newly renovated wine aisle at Market Basket. For 3 hours I stand at a table hanging out wine samples while I fake laugh at middle aged people until I can’t remember what real laughter feels like and I wonder if I’ll ever smile with genuine happiness again. Then I calculate how much I owe in student loans bills and then I realize that I probably would have been qualified enough to pass out wine at the grocery store with or without a bachelor’s degree.

5pm: My dad picks me up from work and we meet my mom at a Mexican restaurant for dinner (and if you’re one of those people who’s wondering, “Dara why do your parents still drive you to work at 23 years old,” or “Gee, Dara, you seem to spend a lot of time with your parents,” ya, I get it. Keep it to yourself).

5:15pm: This starts making the rounds through my bloodstream–

5:45pm: And another…

6:00pm: Churros in my belly.

6:45pm: We go to the mall, and my dad and I go to Burton’s for a drink… but Burton’s is full! No bar chairs! I don’t stand around at a mall restaurant bar.

6:50pm: We try Red Robins… we see all the ladies wearing jeans with no back pockets and men in Tapout shirts and realize we just can’t do it and turn right on back around.

6:55pm: Finally. Unfortunately. We head over to Joe’s American Bar and Grill, which I worked at for a hot second but then quit 15 minutes before my waitressing test. I didn’t want to run into any employees I knew, but times were desperate, and so I popped my collar, messed my bangs in front of my face, put my head down, and b-lined to the bar. Luckily, no one still worked there from when I worked there, except for one manager that I effectively eluded. Dad and I drank our margaritas in peace.

8pm: I make my way to Sephora for some Super Market Sweeps style shopping. When I was a kid I always wanted to go to Toys R’ Us and run through the aisles with a cart for 5 minutes picking out everything I wanted (I think I saw kids do that on Nickelodeon) (Babysitter’s Club dolls for daayyyyz). The closest I’ve come to doing that is every once in a while when my dad get’s a bonus, he lets me and my mom go to Sephora and buy a bunch of stuff. I’ve been looking forward to this for weeks. The margaritas were just a prelude to the main event.

{A little sample of what I got: NARS The Multiple stick, Bare Essentials bronzer, Anastasia eyebrow pencil, Benefit under eye highlighter, Sephora liquid eye liner, Make Up Forever HD foundation}

9:05pm: I finally finished shopping, and paid for it with my dad’s credit card while he and my mom got pretzels (going all out).

9:10pm: I realize I ‘forgot’ (3 margaritas make you very forgetful) to use my 15% off coupon. Sephora was closed, so I scratched on the door like a cat until they let me back in, and I apologized profusely through tequila breath while they returned all my make up, and then rang it all back up again with the discount.

Thanks for the fun date, daddy and mommy!