Thoughts on the VMA’s From Someone Who Didn’t Watch the VMA’s

Full disclosure, I did catch the tail end of the Justin Timberlake performance, but the rest of my information was gleaned through tumblr GIFS, so I have a lot of questions.

  • Lance Bass is to *NSYNC reunion as Michelle Williams is to Destiny’s Child reunion? And do you think the blonde Michelle Williams could have done a better job as a replacement in both performances?20130827-123226.jpg
  • Is Justin’s bald dancer with the manicured beard just as sexy as Justin himself OR is it just Dancer in a tux with an undone bow tie that’s seducing/confusing me? I’ve been grappling with this since JT’s last SNL performance and I’m no closer to an answer.
  • I’ve said this before, but this is Jimmy Fallon’s world and we’re just living in it. Like, it is carte blanche for that guy. I love Jimmy, but when did fanboying at every VMA show and recording summer anthems with kazoos on a Macbook become business as usual?
  • Is Richard Simmons living the best life of all?20130827-123232.jpg
  • Between Katy Perry’s grills grillz(?) and Miley Montana, there was a fair amount of cultural appropriation, and it’s not okay… BUT, was Katy’s punishment that they looked like braces with pastel elastic bands for Easter? As for Miley, can you blame someone for not knowing what a minstrel show looks like when they’ve received their education on the Disney lot in 20 minute increments between wig changes? Sure. Probably.20130827-123220.jpg
  • I get the distinct feeling that if it weren’t for some Growing Pains hush-money there might’ve been some old statutory rape charges on Robin Thicke’s record.
  • Gaga, aren’t you tired?20130827-123151.jpg
  • So, Miley….. I don’t think it’s fair that we as a culture sexualize young women then ridicule them when they act sexually. If we ridicule her for anything it should be that she’s an awful dancer with blind confidence. Sidebar: there is no way that Liam Helmsworth is still about this, right?

On a final, related note…

  • How mad is Christina Aguilera that people once made such a big deal over “Dirrrty?” Seems like peanuts now, doesn’t it?

VMA Recap

To make one thing clear, I normally don’t care about the VMAs, but this year’s performance was so uncomfortable, that I felt it was worth mentioning.

Do we just let this woman do whatever she wants, now? My number 1 question about this whole thing is if the producers had any idea she would be doing this, let alone staying in character for the entirety of the VMAs.

This brings us to a more important question of did the producers of this show actually spend more than a week preparing this? Did they have an intern write out the nominee introductions 20 minutes before the show on a cocktail napkin? Did they tell Lady Gaga that she “had 15 minutes to just fill with whatever and please don’t tell us what it is we want to be surprised?”


Katy Perry! Who do you think you are? What a rude hat to wear at an awards show! Who cares about the less famous people sitting behind you, right? Also, is that shirt something you stole from one of the Rugrats? Get out of here.

BUT, other than how messy the whole thing was and how uncomfortable Lady Gaga made me, there were bright spots.

It pains me to say that for the last couple years it’s looked a lot like people were just taking Britney to appearances, propping her up and letting people take pictures. At the VMAs, though, she had a little life behind those eyes. Also, and I can’t be sure, it looked like she had a little tear in her eyes during the tribute performance. Maybe I just wished she did.

Katy Perry, are you embarrassed? You should be. Jessie J sang Firework like the Fierce Angel of Belting she is, and put you and your cheese hat to shame. If you like Katy Perry, but you really, really like people with talent, you’ll just love Jessie J.

Oh, Queen B. I’ve always liked Beyonce, but that performance was royalty. Then that mic drop. The pregnancy pants. That laugh and head tilt. I can’t even.

Boston Bucket List: Wine Riot

Wine Riot Photo Booth

A couple weekends ago I knocked another item off my Boston Bucket List: to go to the Second Glass Wine Riot. I’ve been wanting to go to a Wine Riot for a while, and it ended up being a lot of fun.

So, Wine Riot is a wine tasting festival, but it’s edgy and cool and better than other wine tasting festivals because they have a temporary tattoo station and a photo booth.

Gaga Wine Booth*

I highly recommend going to a Wine Riot (they now have them in LA, DC, NY, and Chicago) if you are someone who legitimately appreciates drinking wine, a 20 or 30 something who appreciates getting wine drunk, or a single man (I fall somewhere in between categories 1 and 2).

Seriously, single guys, this is a great place to find dates. The majority of people who go to this are couples and packs of single girls who figure that any single man she meets there must be really mature and cultured. Just wear khakis and a blazer and you’re in like Flynn. Maybe memorize some NY Times best seller titles that you can pretend you’ve read recently. Your prep work really depends on how desperate and lonely you are. Good luck!

*Side note: I just want to put on record that I’m not some Lady Gaga obsessed fan. I just found an over-sized pink wine bottle and saw a photo op. I like Lady Gaga in the sane, normal person amount.
Also: Gaga Wine is the worst. Really terrible. I will say, however, that their marketing ploys appears to be successful.