Obsessed With: Wasa Crackers

Okay, I’ve got to come out and say it, (though I have a feeling that the people who read my blog probably aren’t that into her, anyway) I cannot stand that YouTube star Jenna Marbles. I don’t find her funny at all, but mostly I want to tell her that since she has a master’s degree and a huge internet following, she doesn’t have to post pictures of herself in her underwear looking like Tara Reid with smudged eyeliner and an inch of black roots (that actually just brings us to a bigger lesson: if you can’t keep up with the maintenance, don’t go blonde! This is something we all can learn from). Also, I didn’t love her vaguely racist video making fun of my Queen, Nicki Minaj. Oh! And I’m pretty sure she just exclusively refers to women as ‘bitches.’

I mean, that's blackface? And the butt? Like, racist, right?

Mostly, I just can’t stand this one video she made about how she stays so thin. (I know, I know, I’ve watched a lot of her videos for someone who doesn’t like her. I just have a lot of misguided friends who post her videos on my Facebook wall thinking I’ll like it. I did, however, watch the fitness video on my own accord. To give credit where it’s due, girl has a slammin’ bod). In said video, she described what she normally eats, which was like…. twigs and nuts basically, but for snacks she eats vegetables and fruit….

…Um, in addition to what, exactly? Nope, just fruit or vegetables. The truly insulting part was that she says something like, “but you can have as  many fruits or vegetables as you want- I don’t go ‘crazy’ about it.”

Oh, can I have as many cucumber slices as my heart desires?

How dare you, ma’am.

This lady is having a smoothie for breakfast, a salad for lunch (and she’s vegan so there’s no meat on it), and then brown rice with more vegetables for dinner. This, of course, is in addition to the shmorgishborg of vegetables and fruits she allows herself to positively GORGE on between meals.

Is this what it takes to have abs one could eat cheesecake off of?!

The Wasa Crackers in my pantry yell, ‘Nay, sister. NAY!”

Wasa crisp bread

I’m pretty sure I’m getting on the Wasa train really late- late like I’m some old timey, orphan, wanderer child running beside the Wasa train and pulling myself aboard just before it crosses the bridge.

I just can’t believe I’ve gone so long without knowing about them. They’re hearty, low in calories (about 40 calories or so for a whole one the size of a graham cracker), and are a great vehicle to transport almond butter and laughing cow cheese into my mouth. My little Wasa babies just open up this whole new world of snacking possibilities.

I would recommend these for anyone who is a real human who wants to eat healthy, but is still hungry after eating a handful of red pepper slices.