Curly Cakes Cupcakes in Beacon Hill

I like to think of myself as a bit of a cupcake connoisseur. I have tried cupcakes from all over, so if I tell you I’ve found a good cupcake you can trust me, because I have a resume full of cupcake experience.

I have been waiting for Isabelle’s Curly Cakes to open on Charles Street in Beacon Hill for two years, starting when I used to live a few doors down. The store just sat there, vacant, taunting me with a huge picture of a happy little cupcake and the Curly Cakes logo in the window. Every day I would walk by and prayed that today would be the day they finally opened.

Curly Cakes in Boston's Beacon Hill. EHHHHH bleck.

TWO YEARS later it opened, and I finally had the chance to try a cupcake from Todd English’s 17 year old daughter’s shop (okay, can we all stop pretending this girl actually owns the place and her dad didn’t just slap her name on the awning? It’s kind of like how when I was 17 my parents “gave” me a car. Really, they just let me hang my high school graduation tassel on the rear-view and don’t contradict me when I tell friends it’s my car).

Anyway, I finally was able to try a couple cupcakes. I had the triple chocolate, and I had a bite of my mom’s chocolate peanut butter cup cupcake. All that needs to be said here is they have this useless whipped creamy frosting. This is not frosting people!!! Once I realized this is what I (my mom) paid over $8 for, I shut down. The cake was pretty good. Whatever. Whipped creamy, bland frosting does not a good cupcake make.

So far, the best cupcake I’ve had in Boston is the red velvet from the much overlooked South End Buttery. Everrrrybody just looooves Sweet. Sorry, but I’ve had Sweet cupcakes, and South End Buttery’s cupcakes are better. It’s REAL frosting, lots of it (but not TOO much), and this crispy little top, moist cake, just lovely. Better than Sweet.

South End Buttery Cafe- Best Cupcake in Boston

Sweet Cupcakes...It's not that they taste BAD, they're just overrated. I'm tellin' it like it is, people!