Hellogiggles Illustrated Tweet of the Day

So, basically I have a girl crush on Hellogiggles (I think of the site in the feminine terms. Like a ship), I also have a role model/big sister crush on the creators of the site, Sophia Rossi, Molly McAleer, and Zooey Deschanel, and I’m so psyched to be their Illustrated Tweet of the Day!

I’ve been posting this all over the internet, so if you follow my junk on any other site expect that this will be the only thing you’ll be hearing about today. Just let me revel in my moment!!!

PS Thanks @PolaRoid_Rage‘s Maritza Lugo for the illustration!!!

Tonight You Belong To Me

This song is from the wonderful movie– nay, the flawless and indisputable seminal classic– The Jerk starring Steve Martin and Bernadette Peters (go watch it now- the comedy still translates… like how Golden Girls is still funny, but The Jerk is even funnier… and not at all about old lady bosom buddies]).

I’m either going to walk down the aisle to this song or have it be the first dance. This is non-negotiable and also a test. If the man I’m betrothed to isn’t totally psyched and emotional over this song choice, I have obviously settled and need to Crystal Harris this sitch, as in call it OFF.

This blog is about 87% nonsense, huh?

Lazy Follow Friday

I’m gonna Follow Friday this snitch up with some blogs I regularly read because I’m one drowsy chaperone right now (musical theatre reference, holllaaaa!) and can’t think of anything else to write about. I think I’m so tired because I watched Jennifer’s Body before bed, and it shook me to my core (it’s an underrated movie, btw, if you can get over the fanciful plot and gratuitous girl-on-girl scene).

So, ya, here are some blogs I read on the daily: