Thinking Cup: Boston

I have to commute into Boston every week, and since I can’t go home between classes/rehearsals, whatever, I have no where to go during down time. I end up looking like a homeless person in February, aimlessly wandering about the mall or camping out in the corner of a coffee shop all day.

I’m getting pretty sick of Starbucks, so I tried out a new place called Thinking Cup in downtown Boston that opened up a few months ago. I’m guessing the employees there think I was studying for some sort of really important test because I was there twice in one day for an extended period of time.

They would be wrong about the test, though. I mean, I’m an acting major….so….

I was just there all day because it’s a great place to hang out! For one, their iced coffee is amazing. I got one before class, and then after a discussion with a classmate, I was told to try the hazelnut latte.

I went back after class and got the hazelnut latte and a chicken, brie, and apple on cranberry bread sandwich. Okay, first of all, they do those little latte drawings, which now that I’ve experienced beverage art, I feel that drinking a latte without it borders on barbaric. Not only was it pretty, it was unreal deee-ricious, and I’m pretty sure it had little pieces of hazelnut in it. Sandwich? Double dericious. They also had an assortment of mini cupcakes. I would have partook, but I felt like a cupcake on top of a sandwich full of brie and cranberry mayo would just start a shame spiral.

The atmosphere was really nice when I came in the morning, not overwhelmingly busy, and the little booths looked like a nice place to do your homework. When I came back at 2pm, though, it was a zoo. If the zoo had a hipsters and young professionals exhibit. At that point, it’s kind of uncool to do your homework there hours after you’ve finished your $2 coffee because you’re taking the seats away from people who actually just want to eat and go. Sure, today I was that person hogging yo’ seats, but at least I felt sort of bad about it. Plus, I had no where else to goooo (because I’m really sick of caramel macchiatos so Starbucks wasn’t an option, y’all)!

Anyway, I’m a big fan of Thinking Cup and highly recommend it, if not just for the teeny tiny little spoon they put on the saucer with your hazelnut latte.