Greek Yogurt Ranch Dip

I feel like you can tell what kind of head space a person is working with based on what kind of salad dressing someone uses. If someone gets balsamic vinegar, you know they’re on top of things. If they get ranch, that means they’re in a full-on down spiral. Ordering extra ranch is rock bottom. They’ve given up.

I don’t think I even knew what ranch tasted like until today because I know that with some foods if I open the flood gates I’ll never be able to reel it back in, so I just never try it. I’ve never ordered a Big Mac for myself because I’d finish it and then my eyes would go black, and I’d only ever Big Macs again until my intestines caved in.

Thankfully, the miracle that is greek yogurt has allowed me to experience the sweet, sweet love that is the main ingredient in ranch dip. All you do is buy one of those dry packets of ranch seasoning and mix it up with some non fat greek yogurt. You can also use onion soup mix and have some faux sour cream and onion dip and then eat it with some Special K chips…or real chips, which is essentially like getting a Big Mac and a diet coke, but whatever, don’t judge me.

Bethenny and Skinny Apple Cinnamon Margarita Recipe

Bethenny in the Skinnygirl Car

Bethenny Frankel is my favorite of all the Real Housewives for a couple of reasons. First, she is probably the only Housewife who has any sense of humor at all, which is why she got her own show. I’d much rather watch her gently harass a wedding planner and then pee in an ice bucket before she walks down the aisle than listen to her argue with some middle aged lady who takes her self too seriously.

The other reason why I like her is the Skinnygirl brand she has. She has this great article about all the things you can do with greek yogurt. I’ve been using greek yogurt as a healthy substitute for sour cream… like, I’ll go to Chipotle after the gym, buy a burrito …and chips/guacamole (it’s fine! I went to the gym!) and then instead of sour cream I dip my chips in greek yogurt! See? Skinny Girl!

In honor of Bethenny’s Skinnygirl margarita I’ve posted a recipe for a Skinny Apple Cinnamon Margarita, invented by my BFF/Bestie/Bosom Buddy/The Tia to my Tamara– Riley.

Apple Cinnamon Margarita
1.5 parts Apple Pucker
2 parts tequila (clear, not yellow if you can)
Fill with Diet Ginger Ale
Garnish cinnamon and sugar mix and an apple slice (I’d use the natural sweetner, stevia. You can also rim the glass with this mix).