Funny Friday

Since it’s Funny Friday, here’s a video I made last year for a school project while I was doing the Second City college comedy program for the semester.

…Ummmmm…. hope you like it and stuff. If you don’t like it, I didn’t really try that hard on it or anything, it’s whatever.

[EDIT:] So, my mom reads my blog, and then critiques/proofreads it…like, days after I’ve posted it, and my mom would like me to delete the above comment because as she says “sometimes she doesn’t get my jokes,” and she didn’t know that was a joke. This leads me to believe that maybe other people don’t get that the above comment was sarcasm (not quite a joke), I did try hard. I’m not going to delete it, because I don’t feel like thinking of something to write in it’s place, so this is just a disclaimer. Okay, that’s enough.