Things Rich People Can Do For Others (but Mostly for Me)

1. Put together some kind of Toys for Tots drive, except instead of dolls for poor kids, you can donate your gently worn DVF wrap dresses and other designer clothing and accessories to me (who is short like a child, and poor in the upper-middle-class-suburban-white-girl-in-loads-of-student-loan-debt kind of way). Generally, I’m a size 2/4, but I can always tailor larger sizes at no cost to you.

Guuuuys, c'monnnnnn, I really want this denim wrap dressssss! Every girl should have a DVF wrap dressssss!

2. A rich family from Los Angeles could take me in as their foster child. I’ll happily set up an air mattress in your walk in closet or laundry room. Again, I look young enough to be a minor, so I’m sure this is a tax write-off.

Lissssaaaaa, let me live in your closetttt! You won't even know I'm theeeerrrre!

3. Donate money to me via Paypal. Or maybe we can set up a Kickstarter for a single mom. Or we can just keep giving money to college kids wanting to make short films. Whichever.

Obviously, I’m joking around, unless you’re into any of these suggestions, in which case, you can email me at the address listed under the ‘Contact’ tab. Thanks!