Neon Bracelet DIY

As I’ve mentioned a couple times before, I have a pretty sordid past in pageantry (do you want to take a minute with that alliteration?………….. okay, let’s move on). As I have since retired my crown (my imaginary crown that I never won because I’m a feminist, you guys) I now have a surplus of tacky pageant clothes and jewelry that can pretty much never be worn again (except when I dress up to watch Eden’s World when it premieres on Logo in 2 weeks… or as I affectionately refer to it as, Before They Were Porn Stars).

I love a good sexualization of a 6 year old. But, who doesn't?

The jewelry I bought for pageants has been especially useless– it turns out I can’t think of one occasion besides a debutante ball that would require me to wear fake diamond earrings from Claire’s that hang so low they brush my shoulders ever so softly like a tiny baby whisper. My rhinestone bracelet is also something that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense in my wardrobe, so I decided to spruce it up with a little nail polish (which turns out to be the perfect painting implement for my petite hands paws…. a moment of silence for that batch of alliteration).

Sure, this bracelet now has the unmistakable scent of ethyl acetate, but it’s so neon and pretty, and when I get compliments on it I can be all smug and say “oooh thanks, ya, I made it,” which is, as we all know, the only reason why anyone would put their time into a DIY project–the smug factor.

Follow Friday

I’ve been blogging like a little monster (not of the Lady Gaga variety) lately, so I’m taking a lazy Friday. I probably won’t even try to make this clever.

So here are five blogs (actually, it might end up just being four blogs… we’ll see) I enjoy that you should check out:

This is my favorite new blog right now. Jeffrey writes about celebrity culture and then has a webseries where he talks about celebrity culture. His posts are really original (like Letters Famous People Never Wrote Me, which I struggle daily to not steal the idea and use it here. Part of the reason why I’m even writing this post is so now all of you can hold me accountable if I start plagiarizing him).

Nuts and Bolts

That gorgeous blonde is one of my oldest friends, Lindsey. She just started her new DIY, food, entertaining, lifestyle-y blog, which is exciting because this girl has got TASTE. For the past several birthdays and holidays we’ve exchanged gifts, and I tend to get some kind of accessory from her which I love and end up wearing every day. Partly because I love whatever she gives me and partly because I know it’s Lindsey approved (I never 100% trust my own taste, so it would just be easier if everything I owned was just picked out by her). She’s the next Cupcakes and Cashmere of NYC, ya’ll!

 Chez Sasha

I certainly have a special place in my heart for Sasha and her blog- she was my first commenter on my first post! Sasha is a student who lives in Brooklyn and writes mostly about food. She makes some really diverse recipes that I’ve never heard of because she’s from the Ukraine (yes? I think that’s true. I could be making up basic facts here). Either way, great blog, especially if you’re interested in finding new recipes.

So that ended up being three blogs. Let me know any of your blog suggestions!

DIY Kindle Case

I’ve been really heavy on long essay posts about nothing lately, so I thought I’d break it up with a little DIY. Judging by this stupid, stupid blog name, I wanted to be Cupcakes and Cashmere when I first started writing, but long essays about judging people based only on their Facebook profile or occupation come a lot easier to me.

Either way, I’m stuck with this blog name, so I’ll try and live up to it.

So this is my DIY Kindle case. It started out black, I painted it with acrylic paint, taped it in a design, painted it again, then spent hours fixing the paint. This took me practically all day with meal breaks, and I would recommend that you just go out and buy a new Kindle case. I am poor, (which is why I have enough time on my hands to commit to such a project) so I didn’t want to sink the money into a new one. I guess this is a good option for the impoverished (who had money at some point to buy an e-reader).

I sprayed the case with some clear shellac- but we’ll see if this holds up. I think it will last  for at least a little while until I have some disposable income to buy a brand new kindle case of my very own (or maybe if I didn’t buy leopard print loafers today I could afford it sooner… who am I? I need to be stopped).

Holiday Gift DIY

So I know yesterday I said that I was going to post my very own DIY video, and let me just start off by saying I tried to make that happen. I spent two days trying to film it with just myself, a tripod, and a flip cam (which is ideal for amateur pornography, but not when you’re trying to make something of quality), and that was just way harder than I anticipated. Finally, I finished, and it was… ok…. I tried to edit it, and I realize that lots of people are overly critical when they watch themselves on tape, but you should know I relish watching myself on film, so I don’t think it was me being too harsh.

After spending a couple hours trying to edit it, I was almost done, I was just going to add some music, and then iMovie quit and my whole project was lost. At that point I just figured that the holy ghost hit the ESC key in a valiant effort to save me from myself and from defiling his holiday with my Christmas video. My dad is a computer guy and could probably save the whole thing, but I’d rather just accept this as a sign that I will never be a DIY thrifty hipster blogger.

I did promise you a DIY, though, so here’s one from someone who knows what they’re doing and looks like she could play Roma Downey’s protegé on Touched By an Angel (I’m embarrassed by how easily I accessed the name ‘Roma Downey’ from my brain).

This is Mr. Kate and #8 of her 12 DIYS of Chrismahanakwanzasolstice:


Cluster Frames

Since I moved back home after college, I decided I wanted to redo my room since my old room was so pink it was hard to sleep in (and embarrassing to bring my imaginary boyfriends home to). I’ve also been watching too much of Nate Berkus’ show and reading too many design blogs in my ample time off that I wanted to use my inspiration towards my room.

At first I had big dreams about buying things at flee markets and taking on big projects like re-upholstering a giant chair, but then I realized if I spent a lot of money and time on my room I’ll never want to leave it and end up living there forever raising two kids (there’s no room for cribs in there, so they can sleep in my open dresser drawers until they grow out of it).

I painted my room a nice grey, which I liked even more than I thought I would, and then started stealing furniture and decoration from around the house. The first project I started was this frames cluster over my desk and facing my bed. I only spent $6 (to decorate the bulletin board and to buy the butterflies) and the rest are just things I stole from my mom or had in my old room.

After getting together everything I wanted, I played tetris on my bed with them for 20 minutes until I figured out a way to make them all fit.

Then I measured the width and height of them all together on my bed and put up painter’s tape in those measurements. My mother maintains that putting up painter’s tape made my job harder than it had to be, but I thought it helped. I’m telling myself it helped because it was an extra 45 minutes of work.

I started putting up the pictures from the outside of the box working in.

This is the almost finished product. There’s a big-ish space under the butterflies and picture that I need to fill with something that I hadn’t accounted for, but other than that I’m really pleased with how it turned out. My favorite it the shadow box I stole from over the living room tv- it’s an antique printer’s drawer with little miniatures in it.

Ya, I’m pretty smug about this DIY project.

PS this is my 100th post! …and I’m not an internet sensation yet… I QUIT.

DIY Bulletin Board

 Look what I made with just some craft supplies and too much time on my hands! I just took an old, plain bulletin board, painted it coral and added the little pre-made, self adhesive ribbon thing.

I’ve been making so many things with my time off- I painted my room, put together a ladder shelf, scrapbooked and now this. If I’m not careful I’m going to be one of those middle aged ladies who makes life-like baby dolls and dresses them in cow girl outfits and sells them at craft fairs.