A Day in the Life

Date: 3.13.12 (a Tuesday)

Morning: I had one hour to get up, get ready, and leave the house to take the hour drive into Boston to go to an audition for (brace for impact) a local Honey Dew Donuts  commercial. I went to bed the night before not wanting to go, and I was sure I wouldn’t end up mobilizing myself. Unexpectedly, I had a surge of energy and a will to live get up and be proactive. All of a sudden, I found myself driving in circles around Boston trying to find parking, close to tears. I was so proud of myself.

11:30 am: I get to the audition, realize –and this time it really settles in– it’s for a non-union, local  Honey Dew Donut commercial, and I start questioning all my life choices (i.e. “Will being Ray-Ban deep in student loan debt I’ve accrued through an acting degree make me any more likely to believably play a donut girl?”).

I forget about this as soon as I see a man in his 40’s come out of the audition room sheepishly smiling and making excuses for what a bad audition he just had (to put this in perspective, all he had to do in the audition was stare at the casting director and look confused). Then, the other 40 year-old guy in the room is quietly stricken with fear and starts asking what he’ll have to do in the audition. It was all very sad. For them. I felt great. I’m young and vital and have a theatre degree! The world’s at my feet!

I just hope that anyone who reads my blog will one day remind me of this post if I’m 45, living in Boston, and still holding out hope that I might get cast in a Casey Affleck crime movie and become a STAR.

12:15pm: I enjoyed a little Boston treat and got myself a Finagle-a-Bagel.

12:25pm: Finished my bagel, got a little sad…. A lot sad.

Night: I wrote a Twitter Tuesday post on Devon Sawa, and tweeted it to him. I guess he took the post as a compliment(…) because he retweeted it!

What a thrill. This brings my celeb retweet/reply total to 4 (Andy Cohen twice, Camille Grammer, and Donna from Parks and Rec). My only criteria to get a celebrity reply is that I can’t ask for a retweet, and I can’t say something to the effect of “my little girl is dying of a rare toe disease, can you please pray for her and RT?” Reality stars just love it when you ask for a prayer and a retweet (God can only hear the prayers of Real Housewives). That’s too easy. Sorry, but I like to EARN my retweets.

Twitter Tuesday: Devon Sawa

I have always loved Devon Sawa ever since Wild America and Casper (he shows up at the very end to dance with Christina Ricci. By the way, I watched Casper recently and it holds up. I don’t remember it being such a tear-jerker, though).

Jonathan Taylor Thomas, Devon…that other guy on the right, this was my 8 year-old HBO After Dark, okay?

So, I’ve been wondering what he’s been up to since Idle Hands and that video for that  Eminem song, ‘Stan’, and I found Devon’s twitter. What I learned from following him is that he’s been keeping himself busy, and there are lots of different sides to him.

Before we get started, I have a little disclaimer from Devon himself:

You hear that, people? If you shake your head clean off your neck, Devon and I are not responsible!

Alright, check ‘I agree to these terms’ and let’s go on this Twitter adventure together.

The Many Masks of Devon Sawa:

There’s Devon Sawa, The Animal Lover:

Devon Sawa, The Environmentalist:

Devon Sawa, The Catskill Comedian:

 Devon Sawa, Women’s Rights Activist:

 Devon Sawa, Fashionista:

Devon Sawa, World Traveler:

Devon Sawa, The Mathematician:

Devon Sawa, The Athlete:

And of course…

Devon Sawa, The Actor:

(I can tell you how that workshop went: ‘Alright, so while you’re acting, point and swat towards the camera. That’s it! Thanks for the 300 bucks!’)

Oh, Devon, thank you for the childhood memories.

Well, I guess that’s it. As Devon would say: