Styled Like Daria


Betsey Johnson kitten heels
$70 –

Roksanda Ilincic scoop neck tank
$485 –

J Crew green jacket
$100 –

D G leather skirt
€678 –


I like to think of myself as a good judge of character (or extremely judgmental), and when I have a first time interaction I can figure out pretty quickly if I could be friends with someone or not.

Usually when I introduce myself to someone, it goes 1 of 3 ways: 1. They hear my name and make a Dora the explorer reference. If you do this, it’s all over between us. The people who call me Dora, or worse, Dara the Explara, always think they are just so darn clever, and I must be so taken with them and their unique observation. I have never met a person who called me Dora and was tolerable to be around.

The other option is 2. They don’t say anything about my name expect for maybe that they’ve never met a Dara or whatever…because why exactly do you need to figure out what my name relates to, anyway? Like, I don’t meet a Lindsay and go “ohhh like Lohan! Do any coke lately?! HIGH FIVE!” but maybe that’s just me and people actually do that. Anyway, this is a toss up, you’re still in the game here- we could get along.

Option 3. They ask me if “I remember that show Daria.” I can tell that we are gonna be friends (did you sing that in your head? If not look up the White Stripes and learn the song. It enhances this experience). I dig these people because for one, they don’t get all up in your face about the reference. Dora the Explorer people lose all sense of physical boundaries with me because they are so psyched with their pop culture reference. People who think of Daria when they hear my name are just a chilled out group of people. I assume these people can hang. Daria was one of my favorite shows when it was on and you can tell a lot about a person based on the TV they watch…and if they tell you they don’t watch TV because they’re just too busy, then they are the worst people of all. Get off your high horse! Don’t make me feel judged because I watch Ice Loves Coco! Ice and Coco have a beautiful and genuine love for one another- how could you not want to watch that?!