Here’s a great newish way to spend your time instead of human interaction or reading. Pinterest! You can have a place to collect inspirational pictures to create your own little digital mood boards. Actually writing it down makes it sound way less interesting and way more of a time waster that I originally thought. Ah, well! I have to go check facebook, BYE!

Heart Shaped Sunglasses

I think the heart shaped glasses look is pretty cute and whimsical, but I don’t know if I’m completely sold on getting a pair. I have to decide where my priorities are in terms of if the cute factor is worth potentially looking like a baby prostitute. Am I prepared for this? Also, I’m not so sure that they would be casual enough for my daily uniform of yoga capris and old, shapeless t-shirts from children’s community theatre productions.



Sassy Bookshelves

I’m working on changing up my childhood room (which first includes de-hoarding it) and the first thing I plan on tackling is my bookshelf. I found some inspirational pictures to give me some ideas.

These bookshelves don’t even have that many books on them, but that’s fine because I have a Kindle, anyway, so I don’t see me collecting too many more paper books in the future. Which, let me just say, is okay by me. I can’t stand when people are like “ooooh but I just love to hoooold a book in my hands and turn the paaaages.” No, you don’t. You like doing that as much as you like having a new CD and holding the jewel case in your hand and reading the insert with the song lyrics. You like it so much that you got an iPod.

Let’s all be real: you want people to see you reading a book and/or you want people to read all your book titles on your shelf. I get that, but I like being able to read  Become Your Own Matchmaker by Miss Patti Stanger in public with out anyone knowing. You have to decide your own priorities.