Blistex Deep Renewal

One thing I can’t stand is when people are delusional about their looks. Not their looks overall, like ugly or pretty, but when someone complains that their butt is too big, when in fact their butt looks fine. Now their ankles on the other hand…

Just kidding, all of God’s creatures are beautiful! I just think that people shouldn’t be afraid to own what’s super sexy about them and brag about it to everyone. If we all allowed ourselves to brag about something then it would be socially acceptable and we’d all feel pretty good about ourselves, right? Aw, man. I’m sorry if you can’t deal with how smart that was. Give me five minutes and a bottle of pinot and I could probably cure world hunger, but whatever.

So I’ll start: My lips are what the 90’s would call ‘the bomb.’ I’ve gotten some great feedback on them. There are only two problems I have with these lips, 1. It takes so much lipsticks to fill in those puppies! and 2. There is a constant fear in the back of my mind that they will get wrinkly and deflated due to age.

Now, I realize that I would only be so lucky to be old because that means I’m not dead, right? I also realize that it’s only down hill from here and after a certain point there’s only so much I can do; I will get yucky looking. Or I’ll look like the beautiful Helen Mirren, but she still has wrinkles, too. I just don’t want my poor lips to be affected. I get that when I’m 70 I will look old no matter what, but at that point I will be close enough to death where I’ve forgotten about looking good and just focused on eating as much as possible. I’m talking about when I’m in my 50’s or 60’s- I don’t think it’s too much to ask to hold onto my lips up until then.

Especially if you look at my parents. Those two have passed along some top notch DNA. No wrinkle lips for my mom. I’m very optimistic for the future.

Despite my bright horizens, I still want to take the necessary steps now to insure my pillow lipped future.
I’ve been using Blistex Deep Renewal for a couple years now. It has anti-aging ingredients and the all important SPF-15. I can’t stress how important an SPF lip balm is. The other day I was taking a walk, and I felt like my lips were a little hot in the sun. I put this on and they cooled down, so I assume it was the SPF protecting me from the sun trying to steal my youth for it’s own Hocus Pocus-like benefit.

I guess I won’t know how well the anti-aging stuff worked for another 20 years or so, but it feels like putting satin on you lips, so again, I’m very optimistic.

This stuff will run you about $3 at any drugstore.

Oh hey, does anyone else want to brag about something? Maybe you’re saddlebag-less? I cannot relate but would love to hear about it. Nice teeth? Me too, but go on.

$5 Stila Foundation!

What a daaaay!

First of all, thanks to the twitter @lipstickbabes of Tried and Tested Beauty Blog I saw that Stila was having this crazy sale on 5 of their foundations that I guess are being discontinued. So of course I bought multiples of each. I’ve never used them before, but what if I love them? I’d look back at this time with bitter regret that I had the opportunity to stock pile the foundation Extreme Couponing style and didn’t. I got the oil-free tinted moisturizer, the one step foundation, and the illuminating tinted moisturizer. Unfortunately, the bronzer moisturizer was all out. If you read this in time you should click on the picture and impulse buy it for yourself! I know that I’m playing right into Stila’s game, I’m not stupid. I never would have bought 5 pieces of foundation I’ve never tried before if they hadn’t been on sale. I’m a consumer drone and gosh darn it, I love a bargain, so I was helpless against this.

Another great thing about this day: So, I was supposed to be on grand jury duty. This is much worse than normal jury duty because you have to go two full days a month for, like, 4 months with no way of getting out of it. I’m all about doing my civic duty when it in no way inconveniences me, and I can go once, pretend to be crazy or impartial, and then get out of it. Anyway, it got cancelled because of construction on the court house. This is great because it doesn’t cut into my money making time, and I went once, didn’t find my future husband (and you get the same group of people every time), so now I have no use for it.

One more thing:

This new song. I love this song.

I remember back in the day when I didn’t like Brit Brit. I was in middle school and I was too cool for school listening to Green Day and wearing my dad’s neckties like necklaces. I’d give anything to get these years back. I stand by Britney, and I just think we should all be really supportive of her. She is a fragile being, a new soul, and let’s just be cool, okay? Like, no more rumors about her using a dancing body double in her new videos. If there’s one thing we know about Brit is she loves to dance. She is the Annette Funicello of our time, and she just wants to DANCE. Brit would never use a double. She may not be good at a lot of things, like, say, singing, but don’t you dare take this from her.

Happy Tuesday, one and all. I hope yours was as good as mine. To top it off, I might go out and buy a pita wrap from Extreme Pita at the food court and get some frozen yogurt. If only every day could end in falafel and fro-yo.