Obsessed With: Organic Coconut Oil

For about the last two weeks my mother has been interrupting everything I say with a fact about the benefits of coconut oil. I imagine she’s been telling everyone else about it, to0 because she told me all about the spirited conversation she had with a Trader Joe’s employee about how wonderful it is, and that fingers crossed, they’ll start selling it there again what with the recent popularity of coconut water and all.

One of the things my mom said coconut oil is good for is weight loss, but it has a fair amount of calories in it. Now, I know some things have a lot of calories but are still good for you because of healthy fats, and are fine in moderation like avocado and almonds. This is irrelevant to me until it’s sweater weather, and I don’t have to be in Vegas wearing a bikini in a week. Come pumpkin latte season when I can just wear oversized flannel, I’ll go back to being some organic hippie with my couscous and my quinoa and only eating free range chicken once a week, but until then it’s cancer causing sugar substitutes and grilled meat for every meal!

Back on track, back on track. Annnyway, I haven’t really had enough of this stuff to see if it does help you lose weight, but I have experienced it’s miracles in other areas.

1. Put a tablespoon in 8 ounces of hot water and drink before going to the gym for energy. Its like having a Redbull but without the ingredients that we’ll find out in 10 years gives you a case of the epilepsy-s. However, this is also drinking oil in hot water, which isn’t great, so I’d say weigh your options in terms of what’s more important, an electric storm in your brain from years of ingesting chemicals or drinking hot oil.

2. Buy some coconut oil lotion and put it on whatever bad things happen to your skin. I’m pretty sure it can cure anything. I have only witnessed it cure my sunburn, but I can only pray I am stricken with some light eczema, so I can see if it clears that up. I had an accidental sunburn last week on my arm, and when I burn it eventually turns to tan, and it had started to tan, but there was still a lot of redness. I put some organic coconut oil lotion on before bed, and when I woke up, all the redness was gone.

You can also use it in cooking (it’s great in couscous instead of using butter to cook it. It really holds the coconut flavor). The unrefined stuff is better than refined, and I use this brand of oil and this brand of lotion.

Tell your friends! Spread the gospel! Unless you are a weirdo who doesn’t like coconut, then you will hate this stuff. Seriously, I’m annoyed by people who don’t like coconut. Just explain to me what’s not to like? I would love to hear this.