A Day in the Life: Sephora and Churros

Date: 3.31.12 (a Saturday)

Morning: This day started in the same way all my days start when I have to go to work later– a total blur of complaining until everything goes dark and then I eventually come to, wearing head-to-toe black standing in a grocery store or a restaurant.

2pm: On this particular day I woke up in the newly renovated wine aisle at Market Basket. For 3 hours I stand at a table hanging out wine samples while I fake laugh at middle aged people until I can’t remember what real laughter feels like and I wonder if I’ll ever smile with genuine happiness again. Then I calculate how much I owe in student loans bills and then I realize that I probably would have been qualified enough to pass out wine at the grocery store with or without a bachelor’s degree.

5pm: My dad picks me up from work and we meet my mom at a Mexican restaurant for dinner (and if you’re one of those people who’s wondering, “Dara why do your parents still drive you to work at 23 years old,” or “Gee, Dara, you seem to spend a lot of time with your parents,” ya, I get it. Keep it to yourself).

5:15pm: This starts making the rounds through my bloodstream–

5:45pm: And another…

6:00pm: Churros in my belly.

6:45pm: We go to the mall, and my dad and I go to Burton’s for a drink… but Burton’s is full! No bar chairs! I don’t stand around at a mall restaurant bar.

6:50pm: We try Red Robins… we see all the ladies wearing jeans with no back pockets and men in Tapout shirts and realize we just can’t do it and turn right on back around.

6:55pm: Finally. Unfortunately. We head over to Joe’s American Bar and Grill, which I worked at for a hot second but then quit 15 minutes before my waitressing test. I didn’t want to run into any employees I knew, but times were desperate, and so I popped my collar, messed my bangs in front of my face, put my head down, and b-lined to the bar. Luckily, no one still worked there from when I worked there, except for one manager that I effectively eluded. Dad and I drank our margaritas in peace.

8pm: I make my way to Sephora for some Super Market Sweeps style shopping. When I was a kid I always wanted to go to Toys R’ Us and run through the aisles with a cart for 5 minutes picking out everything I wanted (I think I saw kids do that on Nickelodeon) (Babysitter’s Club dolls for daayyyyz). The closest I’ve come to doing that is every once in a while when my dad get’s a bonus, he lets me and my mom go to Sephora and buy a bunch of stuff. I’ve been looking forward to this for weeks. The margaritas were just a prelude to the main event.

{A little sample of what I got: NARS The Multiple stick, Bare Essentials bronzer, Anastasia eyebrow pencil, Benefit under eye highlighter, Sephora liquid eye liner, Make Up Forever HD foundation}

9:05pm: I finally finished shopping, and paid for it with my dad’s credit card while he and my mom got pretzels (going all out).

9:10pm: I realize I ‘forgot’ (3 margaritas make you very forgetful) to use my 15% off coupon. Sephora was closed, so I scratched on the door like a cat until they let me back in, and I apologized profusely through tequila breath while they returned all my make up, and then rang it all back up again with the discount.

Thanks for the fun date, daddy and mommy!

A Day in the Life

Date: 3.1.12 (a snowy Thursday)

7:30 am: My alarm goes off. I intend to hit the snooze until 8 am, but from downstairs I hear a raspy voice coming from the television. Could it be?

7:33 am: I run downstairs to catch the tail end of Matt Lauer showing a clip of him interviewing Lindsay Lohan. They will be airing the rest of it after the break. There’s no going back to sleep now.

Good one, 'Today Show' caption.

10 am: Due to the snow my father is taking my younger brother to work, and I come along because I’m promised free lunch and irreplaceable father-daughter time at the mall.

11 am: My dad and I go to the mall Starbucks to do some work. I order him a hot caramel macchiato with skim milk, and get myself an iced caramel macchiato.

11:05 am: I forgot to specify that I wanted skim milk and sugar free syrup! Now I refuse to drink it.

1 pm: Dad and I go to Red Robin, and I get a burger with onion rings all over it. And two skinny vodka lemonade iced teas (I feel it’s important to add that there was hardly any alcohol in those drinks).

3:30 pm: Pick up mom from work. She hasn’t eaten lunch yet so we go to Portland Pie. I have pizza and more fries and an Applehead beer. (To recap, that’s burger, fries, spiked lemonade, fries, pizza, beer).

5:00 pm: We go grocery shopping. I take pictures of things and buy more booze.

Night: I drink more beer, but feel nothing, partially because I am cold and empty inside and partially because I ate too much.

Vegas Part V*: The Sugar Factory

Out of 4 days of being Vegas I ended up going to The Sugar Factory in the Paris Hotel 4 separate times. Sugar Factory includes a candy store/soda shoppe kinda deal, a chocolate lounge, and restaurant. Basically, this was the only place I wanted to go to at all because of their candy themed drinks served in goblets… Because I’m a queen and that’s the only way I wanna drink my dranks.



Our bartender, Ian. He made our drinks with "less sweet and sour and more booze." He gets me.

Go to Sugar Factory during happy hour- 2 for 1 drinks! (Me, Caroline, Riley, Michelle)

Make-a-Wish (birthday cake) Milkshake. This was good but my Barbie Milkshake was unreal and PINK.

Also good: Bacon Blue Cheese Burger, Red Velvet Pancakes, and Red Velvet brownie is a must binge.


***this is roman numeral 5, dummy.

*****just kidding, I didn’t know that until I wiki’d it just now.

Vegas Part IV: Happy Hour

You might not be surprised that happy hour just happens to be my favorite hour, so Vegas is a perfect destination for me. Unlike the fun hating Boston where happy hour on drinks is illegal, Vegas has some really great happy hours at every hotel. I just think happy hour is the ideal drinking time- you can have your fun and still be in bed by 11 with no hang over. Anything that is conducive to me getting to sleep at a decent hour is something I’m all for.

$4 Margaritas and Taquitos at Yolo in Planet Hollywood- Michelle, Me, Riley, and Caroline.

Vegas Nails at Happy Hour! Sally Hansen's Salon Effects in Frock Star (Picha by Riley)

Happy Hour on the roof at the Paris Hotel (Riley took this)

Also at Paris... Doesn't Michelle look like a little beach angel? (Riley is responsible for this picture, too)

Bar Vdara at our hotel... also known as my bar.