My New Purse (Bag Full of Dreams)

In general, I’m not a huge fan of any kind of purse that is frequently ‘knocked off’ (meaning copied, not killed by some Mafia handbag organization). If I’m going to spend a significant amount of my beer promo money (can I just say real quick that I just sample wine and beer at Super Markets? Not dressed in a tube top at a bar. Though one time I did have to ride a bike around Faneuil Hall wearing a red jumper and Keds for Amstel Lite) on a mid-level nice-ish purse, I don’t want some housewife at the mall getting the same fashion-cred for her purse when I know that she only spent $30 on it at a tag sale. Purses like this generally include Coach, Dooney and Burke, the classic Louis Vuitton and other super high end purses (and who do you think you’re kidding, 9th grader from New Hampshire? I know there’s only bath salts and weed –not platinum Visa cards– in that ‘Chanel’ bag).

I’ve especially never been a big fan of Coach purses (mostly because of the ‘C’ pattern), but the other day, I blacked out and when I came to I was the proud owner of this little lady:

Can’t you see me in a sun dress and my gladiator sandals (with ample arch support and padding) with this slung across my shoulder as I skip over to brunch in some big city. Ohhh, how many dreams can one purse hold?