Thirsty Thursday: The Caroline Manzo

Today I’ll be teaching you how to make what I like to call the Caroline Manzo. Really, it’s an italian drink made from coke and red wine called a Kalimotzo, but I saw it in an episode of RHONJ, and you know I’ll make a Manzo and/or Laurita reference at any opportunity.

After my gym class I picked up some Diet Coke and wine- a nice and complete shopping list for a Thursday at 10 am. I didn’t want to spend too much as this was just for a blog, not for some serious, down-to-business drinking. I’ve got to say, I think it’s nothing short of a tragedy that my local Trader Joe’s doesn’t carry alcohol, thus no tried and tested Two Buck Chuck. Other than TBC, I’ve never gone below $8 for wine because I’m such a vino snob and all, but today was a new day. I have a trip to Las Vegas coming up, so I need to be frugal with my drinking habit. I managed to get it down to $3.49 with Golden Gate Vinters! I didn’t try it without the diet coke, but I sense some slight Manischevitz undertones.

Mmmm mmm mmmm, this is actually very refreshing. It also allows me to put ice in my wine and drink it with a straw, judgement-free, which is what I really want to do in the first place, anyway.

Boys to Manzo

The new webseries Boys to Manzo, which features Caroline Manzo’s sons Albie and Chris (The Looks and The Personality, respectively), is my new guilty pleasure. I’d like to know what came first- the name of this webseries or the webseries itself. My guess is some Bravo secretary or something thought of this most catchy name and Bravo just got lucky that the Manzo brothers were actually entertaining to watch and had a fabulous gay roommate (although, I’m willing to bet some Bravo intern from Jersey told Andy Cohen that he had a gay guido cousin that was perfect for TV, so they paid said gay guido to live with the brothers.). If I were Bravo I would produce a show around a good name. At this point in my life, the only reason why I’d have children is because I have some adorable baby name ideas that I wouldn’t want to go to waste.

Enjoy a little tidbit of Boys to Manzo above or click here for the full length versions.