Vegas Part V*: The Sugar Factory

Out of 4 days of being Vegas I ended up going to The Sugar Factory in the Paris Hotel 4 separate times. Sugar Factory includes a candy store/soda shoppe kinda deal, a chocolate lounge, and restaurant. Basically, this was the only place I wanted to go to at all because of their candy themed drinks served in goblets… Because I’m a queen and that’s the only way I wanna drink my dranks.



Our bartender, Ian. He made our drinks with "less sweet and sour and more booze." He gets me.

Go to Sugar Factory during happy hour- 2 for 1 drinks! (Me, Caroline, Riley, Michelle)

Make-a-Wish (birthday cake) Milkshake. This was good but my Barbie Milkshake was unreal and PINK.

Also good: Bacon Blue Cheese Burger, Red Velvet Pancakes, and Red Velvet brownie is a must binge.


***this is roman numeral 5, dummy.

*****just kidding, I didn’t know that until I wiki’d it just now.