5 Best ‘Call Me, Maybe’ Lip Dubs

I have just about had it up to *here* with lip dubs. ‘Here’ is somewhere between my heart and my head, because my head tells me that if we pooled all the time it took to make all the lip dubs in the world and applied that time to something slightly more important than lip syncing we could solve the economic crisis. But, my heart… my heart says what’s the point of living if you can’t lip sync to a summer pop hit while someone videotapes it?

I’m almost sick of this insanity, so I thought I’d get that last remains of it out of my system by endlessly youtube-ing ‘Call Me, Maybe’ lip dubs.

Here are 5 of the greatest hits (spots on this list were earned by character of the video and my ability to make fun of it, not by production value).

1. Miami Dolphin Cheerleaders: If you like a high concentration of fake breasts with your lip dubs. Some other highlights include watching 4 of the women contract an inevitable staph infection from a child’s Chuck-E-Cheese style ball pit, and a handful of overly tan Italian girls with bright red hair who aren’t fooling anyone.

2. Hanover High’s Period 4 Drama Class: I think the rubber bands on their braces makes it too hard for them to actually open their mouths while they lip sync. At least they’re doing something more productive than drinking hand sanitizer.

3. Some 30 Year-Olds on Vacation: This is what happens when childless, 30-something yuppies go to their family’s lake house for the weekend. Why did they do this? Did they run out of daiquiri mix? This one is perplexing more than anything. Highlight: One of the guys reading New York magazine on some sort of lake floaty while he LIP DUBS ‘CALL ME, MAYBE.’

4. Miss USA 2012: I post this one just so I have more proof for my theory that tall, lanky supermodel types can’t control their limbs when they dance, which slightly evens the playing field for shorter gals/gals with the proper body fat to appendage length ratio. Also, how did they allow this on national TV? This was obviously filmed by an unpaid intern with a Flipcam and iMovie.

5. UW A Capella Ensemble: This isn’t actually a lip dub since they have a new girl singing, but I still had to include it since it was the only video I was so mesmerized by that I watched the whole thing. Despite the a capella version sucking the joy out of the original song, it’s worth a watch because it’s somehow more awkward than the High School Drama Class lip dub. Good for this rag tag group of misfits for finding each other in college. It really does get better.

And with that, I can never listen to ‘Call Me, Maybe’ ever again.