Peanut Butter Cheerios

I have some really serious cereal business to discuss with all of you.

(Am I scraping the bottom of the barrel on this one, or what?)

(It’s not lost on me that not only have I instagrammed Cheerios, but I have tried to do so with some artistic pizzaz, which I’m sure makes this all a lot worse).

This is some important breakfast time news, and as a blogger/brunch enthusiast (which encompasses things both breakfast and lunch related plus everything in between where that venn diagram meets to form ‘brunch’) it’s my responsibility to deliver you the big  stories (and hope that General Mills throws some free boxes my way. Peanut Butter, Chocolate, Dulce de Leche, and Cinnamon Burst ONLY, please. You can keep your Cheerios Crunch!)

But for reals, banana peals (that’s a little professional fruit humor) this stuff is crazy good. Really authentically peanut buttery– and I have a really delicate palate, so I’m acutely aware of artificial flavors. It also has a great mouth-feel, a nice hearty crunch, but not overly so, like a Cap’n Crunch (how do people eat that? It cuts the roof of my mouth and then I have to wear my old retainer for 2 days until it feels better).

For a real culinary adventure, try your Peanut Butter Cheerios with sliced bananas. You are welcome, foodies!

Obsessed With: Thomas’ Pretz-a-bagels

These mini pretz-a-bagels are my new favorite empty calories. My mom found these a few days ago, and I think I ate the whole bag during my usual weekend eating free-for-all.

Some delicious ways to eat them:
With Strawberry or Blueberry cream cheese
Butter and jelly
Brie and fig jam (please don’t be intimidated by how fancy I am).

You’re going to pass out about 20 minutes after consuming them, so be pretty strategic about when you eat it. Maybe on a weekend when you can nap and don’t feel the need to accomplish anything for the rest of the day. Wooorth ittt.