Follow Friday

I’ve been blogging like a little monster (not of the Lady Gaga variety) lately, so I’m taking a lazy Friday. I probably won’t even try to make this clever.

So here are five blogs (actually, it might end up just being four blogs… we’ll see) I enjoy that you should check out:

This is my favorite new blog right now. Jeffrey writes about celebrity culture and then has a webseries where he talks about celebrity culture. His posts are really original (like Letters Famous People Never Wrote Me, which I struggle daily to not steal the idea and use it here. Part of the reason why I’m even writing this post is so now all of you can hold me accountable if I start plagiarizing him).

Nuts and Bolts

That gorgeous blonde is one of my oldest friends, Lindsey. She just started her new DIY, food, entertaining, lifestyle-y blog, which is exciting because this girl has got TASTE. For the past several birthdays and holidays we’ve exchanged gifts, and I tend to get some kind of accessory from her which I love and end up wearing every day. Partly because I love whatever she gives me and partly because I know it’s Lindsey approved (I never 100% trust my own taste, so it would just be easier if everything I owned was just picked out by her). She’s the next Cupcakes and Cashmere of NYC, ya’ll!

 Chez Sasha

I certainly have a special place in my heart for Sasha and her blog- she was my first commenter on my first post! Sasha is a student who lives in Brooklyn and writes mostly about food. She makes some really diverse recipes that I’ve never heard of because she’s from the Ukraine (yes? I think that’s true. I could be making up basic facts here). Either way, great blog, especially if you’re interested in finding new recipes.

So that ended up being three blogs. Let me know any of your blog suggestions!

One Year Anniversary

Brunch for Every Meal’s actual one year anniversary was last month on the 8th, but I think I got too tied up watching TV to write about it.

Since last year I’ve made it to 78 followers so far, and I bought myself a little reward for hitting my 75 followers goal. Please consider following this blog via email or WordPress, as I have set a new goal of 100 followers and I really want an excuse to buy myself more stuff.

I bought myself the Urban Decay ‘Naked’ palette for $50. Definitely worth the money– who doesn’t like a nice earth tone? Nazis or communists, probably.

Anyway, I wanted to thank some of you for reading, commenting on, and sharing this blog. One loyal reader is my Aunt Janet. She sent me this note along with a sewing book:

This note made me laugh. I think I am the Steven Tyler of blogging. Not everyone gets me, but that’s not always necessary to enjoy my music. Thanks for reading, Auntie Janet.

Other thanks to people who have helped me make this blog the paltry success that it is by  sharing it on twitter/facebook (in no particular order):

Michelle N., Kate R., Erin S., Riley W., Allie F., Kallie R-S., Jillian L., Theresa M., Ian M.,  Michelle A., Molly O., Rachel R., etc….  It’s really helpful when people share my blog- I get a huge bump in page views, and with each view I am one step closer to having Amy Adams  play me in a movie. Also thanks to adamsdaughter and brookeandmackenzie for putting me on their blogrolls.

So, I haven’t reached the success of Cupcakes and Cashmere or even The Bloggess, so I QUIT. Just kidding I’ll give it another year tops, and then I’m out of here, suckers!!!