Summer Bucket List: Red Sox Game

I completed the first thing off my Summer Bucket List, which was to go to a Red Sox game. I actually did this before I wrote the post, which is a lot like putting something on a to do list after you’ve done it just to cross something off, but I’ll take my productivity where ever I can get it.

This is me eating a hot dog:

{photo by Riley, @rileywaff on instagram}


I went to the game with some friends from college, and I don’t know if I’ve paid less attention to anything in my life- it’s up there with when I’d fall asleep in class and I’d look at my notes later and it just said orange 7 or 8 times diagonally across the page.

I was just there for a hot dog, an $8 Coors Light, and some Facebook pictures.

Kelley, Caroline, Riley, Me, Michelle…. that’s my “I haven’t fit into these jeans since 2008” face…. Just kidding, I wasn’t ready for this picture. But that is true about the jeans.