She was an American Girl

I was lucky enough to have two and a half American Girl dolls: one was a gift from my aunt and uncle- the kind that you could pick their hair, eye, and skin color. The other was Felicity (because I’ve always been pro-ginger), and the half was an asian bitty baby, which I was confused about for a very long time. I think my mom’s rationale was that I “looked like an eskimo” when I was born, so I resembled the asian baby more than the blonde white ones. It was very important you looked like your American Girl dolls because…. God forbid someone thought you adopted them? I’m not really sure what the reasoning was for this, but I just remember everyone wanting to look like their doll.

I think American Girl dolls were my first example that some people have more or less money than others. Like, I knew girls that didn’t have any because their parents thought it was crazy to pay $80 for a doll and couldn’t afford it, then there was girls like me who had one or two and COVETED their dolls because they were EIGHTY DOLLAR DOLLS.

Then there was the spoiled category of girls. I remember going to this girl’s house for a Super Bowl party and walking through her mansion and seeing, I kid you not, 1-3 dolls in every room of her house. Just strewn about like common Barbies!!! Their limbs all askew! Naked! It was Law and Order: SVU up in that house, and there was a serial doll abuser on the loose. I was probably 8 or 9 and can remember being horrified that these dolls were being treated so poorly. If I had ever treated my dolls like that my parents, Benson and Stabler, would have killed me.

I don’t know the girl with all the dolls anymore, but I imagine she’s a monster now. How can someone be expected to grow into a well-adjusted, humble young lady if she was taught from an early age that American Girl dolls were not to be respected?